Settling In To Our New Home

Greetings from Illinois! We are officially living in our house. Well, trying to. LOL So far, we only have a bed for furniture. It will be a long six weeks waiting for our stuff to come in. I can’t wait to make this place a home. We spent the first week here at a hotel. It was nice, and I miss the breakfast options.

My mom completely surprised Jeremy and me by showing up at the airport when we landed in Champaign. We had no idea she would be there until we were walking out to baggage. I was so happy to see her I about dropped Jeremy’s game system and the cat I was carrying. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen her and I missed her a lot. I am so happy that she came.

Me and Mom

Our landlord is awesome. He is a police officer who actually owns most of the block with another officer. That makes us feel a lot safer since they make sure they are renting out to good people who won’t be causing a ton of drama. I haven’t met any of our neighbors. I want to wait until I have the kitchen set up enough to make cookies or muffins to take when I go to introduce myself. I just feel like it’s the right thing to do when I go to knock on someone’s door.

Jeremy and Me at the new house

On Friday we found a metaphysical and beading store in downtown Champaign called Beads N Botanicals. They had tons of beading stuff plus crystals, candles, herbs, and all sorts of stuff. Jeremy and I really enjoy meeting the owner, Catherine, and her spouse, Rob. Catherine was very knowledgeable about everything in the store. She helped us pick out tarot decks, so we could start learning how to do it. Rob was fun to talk to because he has a huge interest in the paranormal too. I’m very jealous of the fact that he has been to the Sally house. We exchanged stories of our experiences before we paid for purchases. We spent this weekend going shopping for basics for the house. We met one of the recruiting wives, Abby, and she showed us a lot of cute shops.

Beads N Botanicals

I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people asking if our house is haunted. I’m sorry (not sorry) to report I think there are no ghosts in this house. The only bumps in the night are the cats chasing each other. Although we did have an odd situation when we moved in. Jeremy and I thought that the cats would love the house. If either was going to be shy, we expected it to Bagheera to the shy one. Instead, Bagheera LOVED the house. He couldn’t wait to explore the house. He quickly claimed the mini closet in their room as his hiding hole. Katniss on the other hand was beyond scared. She would hide in the upstairs bathroom and scream in terror if we tried to take her out. Eventually she crept out and hid under our bed. It took us a whole day to figure out what was making her freak out. She was afraid of the ceiling fans… I have never heard of a cat or a pet being afraid them before. It took her a few days but now she is out and about as normal. She is exploring the house too, but she is definitely a little timid about it.

Katniss Everpurr

We are all trying to adjust to living in the country. It’s a lot quieter than we were expecting. The town we are actually living in has a population of about 300 people. The post office doesn’t even deliver mail to the houses and is only open for 4 hours a day. There is only a post office and tiny car dealership. We actually ended up buying me a vehicle from the dealership. We bought a white 2005 Mercury Mountaineer which I promptly named Casper. I love my new car.

Casper and me

We are settling in and trying to set our house as quick as possible. Once we are settled I hope to start up a new paranormal group, paranormal classes, and start investigating again. Let me know if you are interested in applying for the group or interested in classes. Don’t worry about not being local, I will be making online friendly classes for those who are interested.

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