The House Feels A Little Crowded Lately

Over the past couple of weeks, the activity at our house has been picking up. I don’t know if it was because it was getting closer to Halloween, the spirits were feeding off my stress levels leading up to the Marine Corps Ball, or maybe the spirit(s) in the house are feeling more comfortable with us. Whatever it is, things have definitely been interesting.

The first thing that happened that was curious actually involved our ghost hunting equipment. We were upstairs going about our normal evening routines. I was getting ready to read a book in bed while Jeremy was getting ready to take a bath. The cats with either downstairs or in their bedroom eating. After a few moments, I realized I kept hearing a loud beeping noise. I asked Jeremy if he was listening to something that had beeping and he said he wasn’t. That’s when I noticed that the beeping was in our room. I started to look around and found out the noise was coming from our ghost hunting equipment bag that was stashed in my laundry basket full of clean clothes. It was there because Bagheera has been stealing anything that has a drawstring attached to it but he won’t steal the item out of the laundry basket. It was the only safe place for it at the time until I could find a shelf he wouldn’t climb on to snatch it. The equipment bag had been there for over a week because I hadn’t had time to fold laundry yet. I pulled it out of the basket and started going through it. Turns out that the beeping noise was coming from one of our voice recorders. It was turned on when I pulled it out but stopped beeping at that point. I was confused how it turned on because it has a switch you have to hold for a few seconds and then release to turn on. It still had a full battery so I know it hadn’t been on for the whole week the bag was in the laundry basket. While playing around with the voice recorder I noticed that beeping noise only happened when the play button was being pressed. Nothing else would cause it to make the beeping noise I heard. I couldn’t figure out what in the bag could have shifted to cause it to beep. The play button needs to press fairly hard to get it to beep and if you hold it down it only does one short beep. That means something was pressing it repeatedly for the 20 minutes for me to realize it was beeping and find the source. I set the voice recorder on the shelf and set it to record to see if anyone wanted to chat but I didn’t capture any EVPs. I’m still confused by it.


The week leading up to the Ball, Rampu started becoming active again. At this point, he was still in our bedroom when he started a daily routine of turning on. He would turn on around 4 or 5pm and stay on until about an hour after Jeremy came home. He did this daily for 2 weeks until we moved him downstairs. Now he turns on and off whenever he wants.


But Rampu did make me pretty sad a few nights ago. I was sitting in the living room a few feet from him reading and listening to Pandora on our Amazon Echo. The cats were all sleeping on the couches during this time. The song “The Freshman” by The Verve Pipe came on. When the lyric “For the life of me I cannot believe we’d ever die for these sins” came on, Rampu flickered on. It wasn’t his normal quick on but more like how a candle sometimes sputters when it’s first being lit. I thought it was interesting but didn’t think too much about until the next song started to play. It was “Hunter” by Dido. On the lyrics “Let me leave. Let me go,” Rampu flickered off. A few seconds later the downstairs bathroom light came on by itself. It has never done that before nor has it done it since then. Rampu stayed off for a few days before turning himself back on while I was out running errands. He has been on ever since then.


While my mom was visiting us and then a couple of times afterward, we noticed that there was what sounded like a kid running through the upstairs area. It sounded like they were running from the guest bedroom into our bedroom and back again. Every time we heard this the cats were with us and being quiet and no one was upstairs. We do have next door neighbors that share a wall with us but they don’t have a second floor. Not sure what is causing it.

This is just some of the stuff going on in our house presently. We have had other things that have happened but I am saving that for another post because we are still trying to figure out if it is paranormal or not.

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