I Thee Haunt, In Sickness And In Death

A few weeks ago a post went viral about a woman named Amethyst Realm (yes, that is her real name) who claimed she was engaged with a spirit she met while vacationing in Australia. Since it was such a viral post, I won’t rehash all the details in this post but you can watch a video of an interview she gave explaining about her previous spiritual partners, the groom to be, and their plans for having a baby here. While this was going viral, many people tagged me in the links or sent me the video (and I very much appreciate y’all doing that!!!). Watching her interview made me want to look more into people who claim to date and marry spirits or ghosts.

Before I start writing I want to express to all that are reading this (both the living and the dead) I am happily married and all the sites I visited were in the name of research only. 

I guess before anyone gets married, you need to find a spirit or ghost to date. Since Craigslist took their dating sections off, I wasn’t sure where to start looking. So I resorted to old faithful, Mr. Google, to help me in my search. Turns out, there is a dating website for those that have passed on. At GhostSingles.com, the dearly departed can sign up to be matched with others who have passed on.

Ghost Singles

Since I am not yet dead, I did not sign up for the website. I didn’t want to risk being accused of catfishing some poor spirit. Speaking of catfishing, is there a ghost version of Nev and Max from Catfish? Anywho, I did check out some of what the website had to offer. It was actually pretty interesting. It even has a chatroom and dating tips for the dead. The greatest part of it all? It’s absolutely free for ghosts to use!!! I definitely recommend checking it out even if you’re still living. Just to give a hint of what you’ll find here are the terms of use:

You agree to hold GhostSingles.com unaccountable for any problems you may have with this site, including, but not limited to:

* being taken less seriously by the living because your photo was seen online
* being accosted and/or captured by Ghostbusters
* being exorcised from your haunting grounds because you shared the secret desire that is keeping you bound to the world of the living, thus enabling a psychic, medium, priest, group of teenagers and their dog, or anyone else to force you to vacate the premises
* being established among the living as actually dead, and not just missing
* losing your will to after-live

In addition, you agree that GhostSingles.com retains the rights to all content you add or create, including photographs, biographies, messages written in foggy mirrors, messages written in blood on walls, messages hidden in the static on televisions and radios, apparitions, distant moans and/or screams, unearthly howls, warnings from beyond, and ectoplasmic excretions.

In the event that there is a disagreement between you and GhostSingles.com, you agree to go to hell.

I really think that a lot of lawsuits will get thrown out if more terms and conditions include the phrase “In the event of a disagreement, you agree to go to hell”. I wonder if it would be held up in a court of law…

Since I couldn’t really use the website to find a ghost to talk to about what they look for in a mate, I decided to fall down a few rabbit holes leading to people who have claimed to marry or dated someone that was a ghost. There were a surprising number of people that have claimed to have been romantically involved with a spirit.

While falling down rabbit holes I found out that there are a few religions that actually have weddings between the living and the dead. The Chinese culture is the most prominent bout these types of marriages. Their customs regarding death is what led to these types of marriages. When an unmarried Chinese female passes away, her tablet is not allowed to be placed on her family’s alter. To give her peace, the family will arrange a marriage with a gentleman who is close to death or recently passed so that she is appropriately cared for in the afterlife. The same can be done for an unwed, Chinese male who passed away before his grandparents have died. Typically a grandchild cannot be buried in the family plot while still being a bachelor because it will bring bad luck to the grandparents. His family will often find a suitable mate who is close to death’s door herself and have a marriage before she passes away. This will allow both people to be placed in the family plot.

During my research, I found out that it is actually legal to marry a deceased person in France. Those who wish to marry someone that has passed away after they became engaged has to send a request to the King of France who will forward the request done along the line to the deceased person’s family. If the family approves, the wedding may take place but the living bride/groom does not receive any martial benefits from the union. Instead of saying “I do”, the person wedding the decease will state “I did”.

In Ireland, there is a woman by the name of Amanda Teague who married a 300-year-old spirit named Jack. Jack is a Haitian gentleman that appeared to Amanda while she was laying in bed. Amanda used mediumship to communicate with Jack. She learned that he had previously been left at the altar and that he had was executed after being charged with thievery. After a few months for communicating with him, Amanda realized that not only was she developing feelings for Jack but she wanted more from their relationship. She eventually ended up marrying Jack with a somewhat traditional handfasting ceremony. In order to exchange rings with her dearly departed love, she held a candle that she slid a ring onto to represent Jack’s finger. Amanda claims that she hasn’t had any problems putting she is married on paperwork asking for her marital status. Hopefully, Amanda and Jack have many years (centuries?) of wedded bliss. By the way, Amanda has claimed that she recently had a pregnancy scare due to missing her period but Jack kindly explained that it is not possible for a spirit to have a child with a human.

Which actually brings me to my rabbit hole I fell down. In Amethyst’s interview, she talks about how she wants to have a baby with her fiancee and how she theorizes phantom pregnancies are actually when a human is pregnant with a ghost baby. Phantom pregnancies typically have the same signs and symptoms as a typical pregnancy but the person isn’t actually pregnant. Usually, it is the endocrine system overproducing the hormones usually secreted during a pregnancy and tricking the body into believing there is a real pregnancy.

Why do people like Amanda and Amethyst think they are pregnant? Because they had unprotected sex with a spirit, duh. I guess it’s hard to ask your deceased partner to wear a condom when they don’t currently inhabit a body. Turns out there are quite a few people like Amanda and Amethyst that believe they have had sex with a ghost, either by chose or by force.  There is a term for those that are sexually attracted to a ghost. It’s called spectrophilia.

I will save the post on spectrophilia for another day. Until then, y’all take care. If any of y’all go on any dates with spirits or know someone currently involved with a spirit, please let me know. I would love to talk to you/them about the uniqueness of your/their relationship.

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