Knock Mock Who’s There

The last week or so at our house has been interesting, to say the least. Different things have been happening that may or may not be related. We are still sorting through it all.

The first thing that happened definitely startled me. One morning, after Jeremy had already left for work, I was sitting in bed reading a book when a bird slammed into the window by the bed. It surprised the heck out of me and the cats. When I went outside to check on the bird I couldn’t find the poor bird. I’m hoping the bird flew away and is okay but guessing by how hard the bird hit the window, it was certainly injured. Jeremy and I have heard different old wives tales for what a bird flying into a window means. Jeremy says that he heard that it meant a death in the family was coming where I heard it was a transition in life. With what’s going on in our family right now, I prefer my version over his.

A few days after the bird incident, Jeremy was home with me and the cats. All five of us were sitting in the living room watching TV. Throughout the afternoon Rampu would turn on and off which isn’t unusual in of itself. What was unusual was there was occasionally a thump or slapping noise that would happen the same time he was turning on or off. It sounded like someone was gently smacking him to control the light. A few times after we heard him turn on we would hear a shuffling noise towards the hallway. It was quiet and barely audible over the sound of the television. The final time the smacking happened, it was loud enough for Jeremy to say “Stop”. Shortly after that all the dishes in the sink suddenly settled hard enough to make us concerned that something broke. Thankfully nothing broke but it had us concerned about what was moving about.

We started joking that it was Katniss’ new friend, Basement Demon. We didn’t really think it was a demon. It was a play on her Toilet Demon friend in Japan. Beginning about a week before Thanksgiving, Katniss developed this habit of standing by the basement door and SCREAMING to be allowed to go down there. Occasionally when Jeremy or I were in a room other than the kitchen we would hear Katniss chattering with someone in the kitchen. The basement door is in the kitchen by the hallway. It was odd but we chalked it up to her being a weird cat with imaginary friends.

Last week, while dealing with a massive headache, I decided to just open the dang door and let her go down there. I knew there was nothing down there that could hurt her. She and Valar went down there for a few hours and came back up when I called them to come back. I kept an ear out for them while I cleaned in the kitchen and living room. I could hear her chattering away to something. It was very much how she use to talk Toilet Demon back in Japan. I assumed that she had made a new friend and was content talking to them.

Since it went so well and they both slept so well afterward, I decided to let them go back down there the next day. While they were down there I spent the day writing and working on blog stuff. I realized it was getting dark and probably freezing by the time I finished working for the day. Valar was asleep on the couch but I couldn’t find Katniss right away. I assumed she was still in the basement. I stood at the top of steps and called for her. When I call for the cats I usually call them by name and then click my tongue a few times. When Katniss didn’t appear after I called for her, I went the rest of the way down to the basement. I called for her once and then suddenly, behind me, right in my right ear I heard the tongue clicking noise I make when calling for the cats. I tried not to react even though it caught me off guard. It wasn’t so much that it unnerved me but more of I was annoyed that it felt like something was mocking me. After looking around the basement and calling Katniss a few more times, she appeared sleepily in the landing in the middle of the basement stairs. I guess she was upstairs sleeping and I had overlooked her.

I haven’t heard anything or experienced anything else weird since the basement episode. Katniss also hasn’t asked to go do to the basement since then. I don’t know if it was something mocking me or, as Jeremy pointed out, something that may have been trying to help me locate Katniss. Either way, our cats don’t seem afraid and nothing has outright scared us. For now, we are leaving it be, whatever it is.

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