For Those Who Want A Midnight Scare

The two games I am featuring in this post are for those who prefer something a little scarier. I do have to say though, be careful when playing these games. I have never played them so I don’t know how they will play out. Also when playing games like these in the dark, you need to take precautions to not hurt yourself. Sorry for sounding like a mom for a moment but I have to put those warnings in with these games.

The first of the two games featured in this game was recently made into a movie. The movie was decent. I recommend watching it AFTER you’ve played the game. Mainly because I seriously doubt the game will turn out like the movie did. The movie is called The Midnight Man and the game is called The Midnight Game.

During my research, I have found conflicting information about the origins of this game. Some say it was created for and some say it was an old Pagan ritual for people who broke laws and offended the gods. Either way, this game sounds creepy and interesting. There are several rules to this game that must be followed exactly or it won’t work.

1) Steps 2-7 must be done just before 12am. Step 8 must happen while the clock still reads 12am. 2) For each person who is playing you will need a candle, something to write with, matches, salt, a wooden door, and a drop of your blood. 3) Write your full name (first name, all your middle names, and last name) on the piece of paper. Then put at least one drop of blood on the paper. Enough to soak into the paper.4) Turn off all lights in the house you are playing in. 5) Go to the wooden door.6) Lay your piece of paper on the ground in front of the door with your candle on top of it. 7) Carefully light the candle.8) Knock on the door 22 times. Again this knocking must be completed while the clock says 12am. 9) Open the door.10) Blow out the candle.11) Close the door.12) Immediately relight the candle. You have just invited the Midnight Man into your house. That means the game has now begun. You have the next three hours and thirty-three minutes to sneak around your house with your candle and salt trying to avoid being found by the Midnight Man. If your candle goes out, that means the Midnight Man is nearby. You have only 10 seconds to relight your candle. If you cannot relight your candle in those 10 seconds, you must create a circle of salt around you. If you make a circle of salt, you must stay there until 3:33am. If you don’t complete the circle of salt or leave the circle the Midnight Man will torture you with hallucinations while ripping your body apart. Sounds like a fun time, huh? Other signs that he is nearby are sudden drops in temperature, hearing whispering, or seeing a dark shadow figure. If you experience any of these, you need to leave the area immediately to avoid the Midnight Man. 

While playing this game there are a few don’ts that you need to follow. Don’t turn on any lights. Don’t use any flashlights. Don’t go to sleep. Don’t use anyone else’s blood by your name. Don’t use a lighter instead of a candle. DO NOT PROVOKE THE MIDNIGHT MAN.

The Midnight Man will leave your house at 3:33am and at that time you will be free to go on about your life.

Sounds like a fun game, right? What about one that tests your sanity and reasoning? That’s what game number two is about. With this second game absolutely do not attempt if you and your friend are not healthy mentally or physically. Also, do not play this second game if you are not completely and totally sober.

This second game is called The Three Kings. This game has a lot of prep beforehand that needs to be done long before you start playing the game. You will need a room that preferably doesn’t have any windows. If there are windows, you will need to block out all light coming through them. Before you start the game gather these items. You will need a pack of candles, a lighter, a bucket of water, a mug, an electric fan, two large mirrors, 3 chairs, an alarm clock, a fully charged cell phone, and a sentimental object. You will also need someone to play the game with you. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME ALONE.

At 11pm, begin setting the room. You will place one chair in the center of the room and have it facing North. This will be your throne. While sitting in the chair, have your friend set the other two chairs at arm’s length away on either side. These chairs are referred to as your Queen’s throne and your Fool’s throne. Set a mirror on the Queen’s and Fool’s thrones. You should be able to see your reflection in your peripheral from your throne. If you need to turn your head to see your reflection in either mirror, adjust the chairs until can see yourself. Place the bucket of water and mug just out of your reach. Set the fan on low behind your chair. Make sure that the fan is not oscillating. Leave the room but keep the door open. Go to your bedroom with the candles, lighter, alarm clock and cell phone. Place these objects by the bed. Plug in your phone so that it can be charging and set your alarm clock for 3:30am. Turn off all the lights and go to sleep while holding your sentimental object.

When your alarm clock goes off, do not turn on any lights. While holding your sentimental object, light one candle and then pick up your cellphone. You have to make it back to your dark room and be seated in your throne by 3:33am.

If any of the following happens DO NOT continue playing this game:

  • If your cell phone did not charge completely.
  • If your alarm clock went off at any time other than 3:30am.
  • If the door to your dark room with the chairs is closed.
  • If the fan has been turned off.
  • If you are not seated in your throne by 3:33am.

If any of these happen, everyone in the house must leave the house immediately and not return until 6am.

If none of these things happen, you may continue with the game. After sitting in your throne, you need to protect the flame of your candle from the fan. Do not let it go out. You also need to make sure that you don’t make direct eye contact with either mirror. Focus on the dark space in front of you in between the two mirrors. Do not look at the mirrors or the candle. You must remain seated in your throne until 4:34am. During this time, you can ask questions. If you receive an answer for the Queen or Fool mirrors, be careful how you interpret the answer. Remember one is a Queen and one is Fool but you won’t know which is which. They may try to confuse or disorient you. If you feel that happening, mentally focus on your sentimental object. If the candle goes out before 4:34am, the game is over. At 4:34am, your friend should end the game by calling out your name. If that doesn’t work, your friend should call your cell phone. If that still doesn’t work, your friend needs to use the mug and bucket of water to wake you from the game. Your friend cannot touch you during this.

As I stated before, be careful when playing these games. If you do happen to play either of these games, let me know what happened.

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