But What About The Children?

Before we get into this post I want to clarify that I am not pregnant nor do I plan to announce that I am anytime soon. This is just a topic that I have discussed often in person but never really discussed it in this blog. Sorry for anyone who may be waiting for that announcement.

Just like any married couple, Jeremy and I are often asked: “when are you going to have children?”. No matter what we answer the follow-up question is “are you going to include your kids in your paranormal stuff?”. Well, that is a loaded question.

By “paranormal stuff” if they mean ghost hunting and talking to spirits, then yes. Whether we actively introduce our children to the spirit world or not, they will be exposed to it either through spirits themselves or through television and movies. They will be included from the very beginning by us. We will introduce them just like we introduce everyone to spirits. As they grow up, we will teach them how to respect the spirits and how to interact with them. I hope to raise them like my parents did so that they aren’t afraid of anything that they come across. It is easier to teach a child to not be afraid of something before they come across it than it is to teach them that they what they are afraid of is safe to be around. I’ve never been afraid of a spirit I have met because I was raised to know what to expect and how to react to them.

Children seem to naturally attract spirits. How many times on shows have you heard of a child interacting with someone that wasn’t there? Or having knowledge of someone that passed before the child was born? I’m not sure why children are more easily able to see and interact with the spirits more than adults. Perhaps it is because the spirits know a child is innocent and not out to harm them. Or maybe it’s just friends or family that have passed on coming to check on the next generation. I really hope that my family members that have moved on are able to come back to see our children. I already know that my dad will be coming by at some point.

We do plan to keep whatever haunted objects we have now and may get in the future. If the spirits attached to those items have proven over time like they have that they are kind and respectful, I see no reason to rehome them because we brought a baby home. Just like a pet, I see a haunted object as a long term commitment. Not until I get bored or decide to have kids. If I feel like the spirits are ready to move on, then I will help them find a new home. Also if we receive a haunted object in the future that seems that it may be potentially harmful, I will take precautions. I won’t be like Ed and Lorraine Warren and have a room in my house full of potentially harmful haunted objects. It would be more like John Winchester from Supernatural’s warded storage unit. If it is in the house it is too much of a temptation for children and teens. Especially the friends of our children who may not understand what they messing with.

When it comes to investigations, I do plan on bringing our children with us, if they want to, when they are old enough and mature enough to be able to sit and listen to what is going on around them. They will be allowed to ask their own questions and explore safe locations. As they get older, we will teach them how to use the equipment and how to interpret the results. Hopefully, they will feel comfortable when they are older to teach their friends. While they are younger, we would never want to take them to places that could have a potentially harmful spirit or an unsafe space to explore. Most likely we will start out with the spirits at home and eventually move on to graveyards and touristy haunted locations. As they mature as an investigator we will take them on more private investigations.

One topic that has come up when discussing our future children and the paranormal is what I plan to do when I am pregnant. Many people have felt that I should give up all things paranormal while pregnant. Like sushi and deli meats, people seem to think that having the paranormal in my life could cause a risk to the fetus. I won’t knowingly do anything to harm the baby but I am not giving up the paranormal. To me, that would be pushing away potential relatives that are coming to watch over me and the baby. Why should I deny them being around family because people don’t understand spirits?

As for investigations, I will still go on them. I will just be more careful during the investigations.   I have already told Jeremy that if/ when I do become pregnant, I plan on going to Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky because a spirit there seems to target pregnant women. That is probably the worst location I will go to but it is a unique opportunity to encounter that spirit. I will make sure I will use all the precautions I can while there and if I truly feel like me or the baby may be in any kind of trouble I will leave immediately. As for other investigations, I honestly believe I will have an easier time connecting with spirits. I have witnessed with other pregnant investigators receive extra attention from spirits during investigations. Female spirits seem more at ease around a pregnant investigator. Also, the spirits of children seem more at ease. It’s interesting to see how those spirits interact with the investigator. The children seem more at ease with touching them, playing with toys near them, or even answering questions. The amount of EVPs I have been able to capture is always higher when there is a pregnant woman in the group.

While it may be a while before we have children or we may never have children, Jeremy and I both agree that they will be raised with knowing the spirit world exists. This is something we agreed on long before we were married and seriously discussing our future. Those of you have children and deal with the paranormal world, how do you did include your children in it? How much do you share with them about what you do? Let me know in the comments!

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