Don’t Lose Your Head In These Woods

The forests in England seem to be steeped in horror, magic, and history. Almost ever forest there has a story to tell. Some of their stories are full of happiness and romance but the two forests in today’s post are full of things that are dark and creepy. From headless beings to fairytale creatures, these forests are brimming with horrors.

Epping Forest

Epping Forest is located near to London. The forest is just as full of history as it is spirits.

Loughton Camp located inside of Epping Forest was used has a hideout for the Dick Turpin and his gang, as well as a fort for the Queen Boudica. The closeness to London made it an ideal place for highway men and criminals to use for hideouts and dark deeds. Dick Turpin was butcher turn highway man who worked with the Essex Gang. After years of deer poaching, robbery, and killing, Turpin was executed for stealing horses. His ghost has been seen walking through the forest towards his hideout at Loughton Camp. Loughton Camp is also thought to be a former fort for Queen Boudica and her army. Many people have reported either seeing Queen Boudica or her soldiers in this area. Some have reported hearing the sounds of drumming and what sounds like soldiers marching.

People visiting this forest have experienced a variety of different paranormal activity. While in Epping Forest, people have said that they felt the urge to hurt themselves or even commit suicide. A theory for those urges is tied to an old legend of two lovers when died during a murder-suicide event over 300 years ago. Visitors to the area have heard screams echoing through the forest and reported feeling something tough them but nothing is there when they look.

There is also a large variety of spirits seen in the woods. A spirit riding a horse has been seen emerging from a pond and heading towards town before vanishing. A headless biker has been seen riding between the trees. There is also a headless horseman that has been seen. A spirit of a young boy has been seen dashing out in front of cars at night. Drivers say that it appears that he is chasing a ball but disappears right in front of the car. Also seen in the forest is a man wearing a tricorn hat while riding a large black horse.

Near an area called Hangman’s Hill, cars have been known to defy gravity. When the car is put into neutral, the car appears to be rolling up hill for a ways before coming to a stop. While it looks freaky, its more of an optical illusion than actually being paranormal.

If you visit these woods, be careful where you step. There are many graves hidden through the forest.

Wychwood Forest

Located in Oxfordshire, England, is a 1,240 acre forest. The name Wychwood comes from the Saxon name Hwiccewudu or The Woods of the tribe of Hwicce.

People visiting this forest have seen and heard several different spirits. Reports of hearing horses racing through the trees even though none can be seen. Hikers have claimed that they felt their hand being pulled or something touching their shoulder but no one is seen around them. Feelings of being watched or follow are a common complaint as well as feeling nauseated, oppressed or full of dread. Reports of hearing whispering or screaming have received often by visitors to the forest.

A horse drawn carriage has been seen speeding through the forest with a couple and their two screaming children. Those that see are too startle at first hearing the children hysterically crying to realize that the carriage is actually driving through trees as though they are not standing there. By the time they realize what they are seeing the carriage has already disappeared from sight. Urban legends have said that the forest is home to hobgoblins, witches and demons.

One of the most famous spirit in the woods is the spirit of Amy Dudley. She was the wife of Robert Dudley, the first Earl of Leicester. She was found dead in at the base of the stairs in Cumnor Palace on September 8, 1560. The coroner at the time ruled it an accidental death but that didn’t stop her death from becoming a scandal. Her husband, Robert, was thought to be a lover of Queen Elizabeth I. Many thought that Queen Elizabeth would marry him if Amy wasn’t in the picture anymore. Queen Elizabeth never did marry him (or anyone for that matter). Many years later, while Robert was hunting, he was startled to see Amy standing in front of him. Amy told him that he would be soon joining her in the afterlife. Within ten days, Robert became sick and passed away. People say that if you see Amy’s spirit in the woods that you will soon die as well.

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