The Alamo Remembers

Surprisingly I don’t remember ever actually learning about the Alamo. Before researching this location, I knew the battle had been where Davie Crockett had died but honestly that was it. My high school was kind of lacking on teaching the history of other states… So when I had a reader recommend me writing about The Alamo, I knew I had a lot of research to do and more than just on the paranormal history. 

The Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas. The Alamo became the site of a battle during the Texas Revolution. The battle lasted 13 days from February 23rd through March 6th, 1836. Although everyone who was defending the Alamo was killed during the battle, the battlecry “Remember The Alamo” was used through the rest of the war and during the Mexican- American War. 

Since the end of the battle odd occurrences and sightings have been seen in and around the Alamo. Some of the events happened within a few days of the battle. General Andrade was ordered to burn the Alamo down. He sent a few men down to San Antonio to burn it but they returned a few days later saying that they couldn’t do it. The men said that they were blocked by six diablos. Each diablo had a flaming sword in its hand. General Andrade went back down to the Alamo with a different set of men. Upon arriving at the Alamo, General Andrade said he saw a tall man rise from the roof of the barracks. In each of the tall man’s hands were giant balls of fire. General Andrade left San Antonio all together and refused to ever return. 

Since then the paranormal activity hasn’t stop. The army that once defended the Alamo has been seen marching on the grassy areas near the Alamo. People feel random unexplained cold spots. They also report feeling sudden waves of depressed and starting to cry for unknown reasons. Visitors and workers have reported hearing whispers, horseshoes clattering across the pavement, footsteps and moaning through out the Alamo. 

There are a few ghosts that have been seen often. One is the spirit of a tall man jumping from the roof of the Alamo with what looks like a young boy in his arms. General Andrade reported that towards the end of the battle, he and his men were horrified to see a man from from the roof of the church at the back of the Alamo with a young boy during the last hours of the battle. Another is a small, young boy with blonde hair that has been seen often in the gift shop. Typically he is spotted in the upper left window of the shop. Davy Crockett has been spotted in various parts of the Alamo. He is usually seen carrying his flintlock gun. Most surprising ghost to see if the ghost of John Wayne. His spirit was spotted shortly after his death. Most people who see him say that he is speaking with other spirits the Alamo who died while protecting the Alamo. Tour guides have mentioned seeing two young boys suddenly appearing in their group during a tour but not seeing them again later in the tour. They are thought to be the sons of Alamo Artilleryman Anthony Wolfe. During the battle, the boys were mistaken for soldiers and killed. 

There are many more ghosts that haunt the area. The hotels near the Alamo are especially haunted. But I will save those stories for future posts. 

I do have an update for an event I talked about in my last YouTube video. Unfortunately the Freak-Out At The Fowler has been canceled due to Covid concerns. While I am disappointed, I completely understand why they canceled the event. I am talking to the owner about setting a private investigation for small group. If I am able to arrange that, would any of y’all like to join me and Jay for the investigation? Let me know in comments below.

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