Their Ghost Stories: Military Spouses

I knew when I decided to focus on haunted military bases this week, I would have to need to reach out to other military spouses to hear about their stories of the paranormal on military bases. I reached out to a few of my favorite MilSO groups on Facebook and boy, did they come through! This is just part of the responses I received. Judging by the amount of responses I received, I will be doing more of this type of in the future. There are so many experiences shared with me and I can’t wait to share them with y’all.

“Geez. Our base housing in Newport RI was haunted. We had a shadow of a man that walked they the kitchen and I have video of doors slamming on their own and with a little girl giggling. Freaky!”- JoAnne M. 

“We live here (Hickam AFB) . I’ve heard of lots of stories… we haven’t had anything super definitive… but definitely kinda “feel” a presence and randomly hear a muffled talking but when you go to that empty room it stops.When my son was a baby he would look behind us and giggle/wave. It was creepy. When he was ~3 he said on a few different occasions he was playing with a little boy… he has an active imagination (but usually pretends he’s playing with animals/Dinos) so who knows but it was different/out of his norm enough it creeped me out.”-Nichole F. 

“I use to volunteer at Boutiki on Pearl Harbor and swear it is haunted. Was also the morgue during Pearl Harbor invasion. Definitely haunted. I would be closing and all of a sudden a door would slam or a plate would fall suddenly. Lots of odd stories. We also lived in Fort Ord housing in Monterey and swear it was haunted as well.” – Ashley D.

“My husband did guard duty at 8th and I and multiple guys said they would see a little girl playing with a ball in the street outside one of the guard shacks. Usually around 2 or 3 am.” – Allie L.

“Okinawa, yes the entire island, is EXTRA haunted. Our housing area, Camp McTureous, was a former POW camp post-WW2. At night sometimes, I would faintly hear big band music, like from the 1940s, playing – never any words, just faint music. Other times, I would hear HEAVY furniture being pushed around. At first, I assumed it was my neighbor, but I checked and she was literally sitting on her couch. It happened multiple times; sometimes no one was home next door at all. Seriously creepy! There also used to be a house on Kadena AFB that was legit legit haunted. They used to give tours. Rumor has it that a former resident went off the deep end and killed his family. People reported hearing a phone ring in the house, even after it was disconnected. Former base employees reported that it was cold in the house, even with no AC and in the Okinawa heat/humidity. There used to be a CDC next door and there are urban legends about the little kids throwing toys over the fence to share with the kids on the other side.” – Meg F. 

(Click here for more about some of the hauntings in Okinawa)

“My neighbors house was haunted at Fort Drum; she would come home and all of her drawers and cabinets in the kitchen would be open. I had to pet sit for her one time and felt so uncomfortable going in there alone. The dog wouldn’t go in the back hallway. Hair would stand on end and he’d bark. The tall bar stools would end up tipped over (when the dog was a daycare). Neighbors would say it would sound like we were partying in the living room (shared wall) at like 2-3 am a few times.” – Samantha Curtis

“When I lived in Okinawa( 2008-2011) our house on Kadena was haunted. A little girl would run the halls giggling. We also had a ghost in my sisters closet who would throw her stuffed animals out on the ground every night. The old Kadena elementary school was haunted also, my 5th grade class had a little kid who would pull on girls hair.” – Megan C.

“Point Mugu is one of the oldest bases and girl it is active as hell. We’ve had doors open, TVs and lights turn on, the timer on our stove would randomly go off and we were given a new stove and it still happens! Not to mention that things disappear and always turn up in the living room, even though we don’t go in there for days. Just weird as hell. And the noises at night.  We just laugh it off as we lay in bed looking at each other. And I started having night terrors and seeing shadow figures in the night. That hasn’t happened to me in years, since we lived at our older home years and years ago. We aren’t the only ones here that have experienced these things either.” – Kayla H.

“I’m on FE Warren in the historic brick officer’s housing and there is definitely activity in this house. It’s not threatening or malicious. There occasionally is a gentleman in a hat by what used to be the servant stairs and is now a closet that goes no where. Our basement doors open and shut a lot I never feel stressed or scared by it though.” – Alison F. 

“My husband and a few of his work buddies INSIST that Cherry Point is haunted. They swear up and down that squadron and the armories are haunted af. There’s also a ghost story about a woman and her children who are buried on the airfield, and the woman is always trying to get back to her children. The rumor is that flights have been straight-up been averted due to sightings of “a woman on the runway”. The woman is apparently called Kissie Sykes, if anyone’s interested.” – Sara G.

“This just happened to us last night on Miramar! We decided to drive out to the Miramar pond just cause(my husband, me and my friend) so we’re driving down there it’s pitch black. It’s 9 almost 10pm. And the pond has a road that looks like it goes the entire way around it. So we decided to take the drive, as we’re driving we see across the pond a set of headlights driving. It looked like they were driving the same road as us but at the end of the pond. So we continue. We get to a dead end that’s when we started crapping our pants because we watched this car drive on what we thought was the same road and it just disappeared. There was only one way to drive around the pond… like one road. Creeped me out hard core.” – Natalie A.

“I am active navy . I am stationed at Great Lakes IL across the street from the actual boot camp . My building used to be a morgue during WW2 , then a galley (chow hall ). Any who people are scared to go to the basement and some of my coworkers swear they have heard things.” – Ally G.

“I grew up in Hawaii and Pearl Harbor, Ford Island, and Hickam AFB are known to have some hot spots. Between the actual Pearl Harbor attacks and the sacred native Hawaiian sites, there’s plenty of history for these types of things I’ve never personally experienced one, but I had a friend who was stationed there who told me about Night Marchers (look them up, they’re part of Hawaiian folklore and superstition, you grow up hearing about them) someone had seen on the airfields, and small children in a former clinic. The guy who saw the Night Marchers apparently fainted while he was on watch, so he had to explain the story when they couldn’t reach him and eventually found him!” -Lisa H.

“In Hohenfels Germany, there are stories about the training area being haunted by those killed during the holocaust/WWII there is also a memorial site where Romani are allowed to visit at certain times to honor their loved ones killed during that time. I work at the cdc and our director says it’s haunted. She’s seen a child in the hall when no one else was in the building. Toys will randomly make noises without being touched and stuff like that. The apartment building I live people have had paintings fly off the walls, I’ve heard knocking but no one is at the door, or on the wall between our room and the living room and our dog will randomly walk into our room and just stare at nothing, and just this morning he started barking while I was brushing my teeth.” – Briana D. 

Like I mentioned before, this is just a small sampling of the experiences that were shared with me. I know this post is different from my usual posts, if you liked this and want to hear more about paranormal experiences on military bases, please let me know. If you want to share your own experiences, please let me know in the comments below or send me a message. 

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