Until It’s Time For You To Go

Most often, when people think of spirits or haunted locations, they think of a spirit staying at that one location. This isn’t always the case. I have experienced this first hand with Al and with various visits from my Dad. This week, we delve into three famous celebrities that seem to be making their rounds as often as they did when they were alive.

Whether you love his music or not, almost everyone nowadays knows who Elvis Presley was. It has been 43 years since his death, but he’s spirit seems to be just as active today as he was when he was alive. Elvis’s spirit appears to travel just as often as he did when he was touring.

One place he is seen often is the Las Vegas Hilton. This hotel is the site of his last performance as a singer in 1976. His spirit has been seen in the penthouse where he use to stay. He has also been spotted down in the basement where he use to hang out with the musicians before a show. He has been seen in his rhinestone suit rushing to the stage area as if running late for a show. If anyone tries to talk to him, he vanishes from sight. Wayne Newton said that he could see Elvis standing just off stage watching his show while he was performing one night. People walking past the freight elevator as the doors close can see Elvis in the elevator. He often would take the freight elevator as a way to hide from fans.

Another hotel that Elvis is often seen at is the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood. This hotel has a ton of spirits that hang out here. Elvis is known to be seen in Room 1016, the same room he stayed in when he was there to film “Love Me Tender.” Guests have reported seeing him standing in the room before vanishing.

The RCA recording studio in Memphis claims to be haunted by Elvis as well. There have been reports of light bulb popping in their sockets, ladders being pushed down, and reports of banging and other odd noises being heard throughout the building. But I’m not sure why they believe this is Elvis doing this. Especially since he doesn’t do this at other locations.

Finally, we can’t talk about Elvis’ ghost without talking about his home in Memphis, Tennesse- Graceland. I have toured this home with my little sister, Magan, and I can understand why he would want to return to this beautiful location. Guests and employees have reported seeing him in the kitchen at various times. Guests have reported seeing Elvis following them around the property but fading from view once they realize he’s there. Employees report hearing and seeing doors open and shutting by themselves when no one else is around. Toilets tend to flush by themselves. Voices can be heard when no one is around. People have also reported seeing shadow people darting around corners. Priscella Presley, Elvis’ wife, said that she has seen him walking down the stairs at Graceland and often hears his laughter.

At one point, it seemed as though Elvis was trying his hardest to return. Just before Christmas in 1980, several people reported picking a young man who looked like a young Elvis in an Army uniform and gave him a ride to the gates as Graceland. Their passenger would sometimes sing a little on the ride. When they reached the gates, he would get out, thank them, and then fade away as he reached the gates.

It seems as though Elvis isn’t done living his life. He still carries on visiting those places that meant so much to him, hopefully, though he is finding more peace this time than he did when he was there alive.

This week I am on vacation in Virginia and West Virginia with my Mom and little sister, Magan, for Mom’s birthday. Follow my social media for a glimpse into all the fun stuff we are going to be doing. Quite a bit of it will be paranormal related.

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