Hunting For New Adventures With Elizabeth

We have been in North Carolina now for over two weeks now. We still haven’t heard anything about Jeremy’s paperwork yet, so we don’t know how much longer we will be here. Could be as soon as this weekend that we could be heading towards San Diego or it could be another two weeks. Either way, we are enjoying our extended time with family and friends. We are also having fun, little day adventures exploring new places. 

One day while searching through local points of interests, I was surprised to see that there is a paranormal museum a couple of hours from my mom’s house. I had to go see it. Jeremy and I decided to go check it out earlier this week. The museum is located in Littleton, North Carolina which is about 1hour 40 minutes from Mom’s house. Since they advertised haunted dolls on their website, Jeremy and I decide to take Elizabeth, our haunted doll, with us to see if she would interact with them. 

The Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum is located in a supposedly haunted house on Mosby Avenue. The Bigfoot cutouts along the front of the house definitely let the house stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood. Elizabeth got into the fun and posed in on of the Bigfoot cutouts. There is also a gravestone in the front yard for a 14-year-old boy. 

Walking into the museum was a little underwhelming. The first room is a small room that opens up to two other rooms. The first room is filled with a large Bigfoot statue, with several Bigfoot foot molds that had been collected from around the area. Some were copies of molds collected and some seemed possibly legit. 

The room to the left of the first room was where the main part of the museum was located. There was a lot of stuff to look at in the museum. The first exhibit we saw when we walked in was a crane with a rope attached to it. According to a print out placed by the exhibit, a member of the family that owned the crane had hung himself with the rope in 1963. For some reason the family never took the rope down. In the past 20 years, the family has had 5 tornadoes (3 confirmed, 2 unconfirmed) hit the farm, another suicide, and a friend was paralyzed within 6 months of the friend swinging on the rope. The family blames the rope and crane for the all the bad luck that has happened on their property. 

Across from the rope and crane was a display case that had alien bodies, an alien skull, and a replica piece of the Rosewell crash. It was kind of a random case. It would have been nice if the case talked about some the UFO sightings and experiences that had happened in North Carolina. I will have a post covering some of those sightings and experiences on this blog in the next few weeks, so be sure to follow this blog to see those stories. 

The next exhibit was a Ms. Beasley doll. According to the sign below the doll, she is suppose to move on her own. It seemed like a low budget Annabelle set up. Neither of us sense anything from this doll but we saw other haunted dolls in cases around the room. 

One of the dolls across the room was leaning against the door of the case she was in and appeared to have stepped out of her shoe. Jeremy noticed that as you walk around the room, the doll shook quite a bit and would sway back and forth. Definitely not paranormal movement. It looked like the shoe may have fallen off during the normal shaking caused by someone walking around. Also, there was a large family there when we first arrived at the museum. That amount of people walking across could have caused the doll to move enough to have the shoe fall off. Again, Jeremy and I didn’t sense anything from that doll. 

The third doll that was in a case in that room was a sad clown doll. This is the only doll that I felt anything with. At first, I felt the urge to hug him. The more I stood near him, the more I had the urge to walk around the museum with him on my hip like a small child. A writeup near the Ms. Beasley doll stated that the sad clown doll’s previous owner reported having nightmares when the doll was around and that a guest also had a horrible nightmare when sleeping in the same room as the sad clown doll. Neither Jeremy nor I felt anything negative regarding the doll. Jeremy didn’t have the same urges to hold or carry the doll as I did. When we talked to the museum owner later, he stated that women typically experience something with the sad clown doll and men rarely do. Mostly its women that see the doll move, catch its reflection different than what the doll is actually doing, see the doll change facial expressions, or see his eyes move.

Beside the sad clown doll, there were a couple of boxes stacked on each other with a writeup talking about dybbok boxes. I have written about dybbok boxes before on this blog. Click here for that post. While the museum didn’t specifically say these boxes were dybbok boxes, the plastic case around the bottom lead me to believe they wanted you to think they were dybbok boxes. 

Some of the other exhibits in the museum talked about ghost hunting tools, shadow people, spirit photography, ouija boards, tarot, and cursed objects. They were interesting to look at, but not much that really dealt with local experiences or authentic items. Perhaps I had my hopes too high. 

After we walked through the two rooms, the rest of the visitors had cleared out of the gift shop side. The owner of the museum was working in the gift shop. We went over and introduced ourselves. The owner is Stephen Barcelo, a former journalist from New York City. He said that he moved to North Carolina to escape the taxes and craziness of New York. He and his wife bought the house that houses the museum, not expecting it to haunted. After they started renovations, things kept happening. The paranormal activity picked up after one of their contractors, Raymond, had died at the house. A picture of Raymond in a Civil War reenactment outfit and his wedding band are on display in the gift shop. Stephen also showed us a picture that a visitor had shared with him, showing the spirit of Raymond beside her. 

Stephen told us about the Bigfoot sightings that have been reported around the area. He gave us a map to a local state park and circled where we should go because people had reported seeing Bigfoot in those areas. We also discussed the dolls in the cases in the main room and in the gift shop (there were two dolls in cases in the gift shop). We let him know that Elizabeth seemed upset about all the dolls being cases. Elizabeth didn’t give off her normal happy vibes inside the museum. Before we left, I had to buy a t-shirt, bumper sticker and a Bigfoot cookie cutter. Gotta support my fellow paranormal small businesses. 

After leaving the museum, Jeremy and I decided to have lunch before heading to the state park to look for Bigfoot. The park was huge. We pulled off at the first part that Stephen had circled on the map and walked into the woods. We weren’t far from the car when we realized how quiet it was in the woods. Other than the river near the path we didn’t hear anything in woods. In North Carolina, it is very unusual to not hear birds twittering ,or see squirrels or rabbits scooting across the forest floor, or not seeing deer deep in the woods. Even though we didn’t see other animals, occasionally we would hear branches snapping or leaves being stepped on but we couldn’t see anything. It reminded us very much of when we hiked through Suicide Forest in Japan a few years ago. It was kind of eerie to be so quiet. We walked about a mile into the woods before turning back to the car. Sadly, we didn’t see Bigfoot during our hike.

On the way back to Mom’s house, we saw an old one-room schoolhouse. It was locked so we couldn’t go inside, but we could peep inside because of large holes under the doorknob and a crack in the door. We could see the old desks inside. It was interesting to see it. I wish we could have taken out paranormal equipment inside to check it out. Perhaps another time we can. 

All in all, it was a fun day and an interesting place to check out. If you are in the area, I recommend checking it out. Tell Stephen that the Paranormal Housewife sent ya. 

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