Ghosts Of Elon’s Past

Greetings once again from North Carolina. We are going on week three of waiting to hear about Jeremy’s extension so we can finish our move to California. Hopefully we hear something in the next few days. Meanwhile, Jeremy and I have been enjoying seeing family and friends and checking out some local places that we normally don’t have a chance to check out when we come down for a visit. 

One place we checked out last week was an university that is around the corner from my mom’s house. Elon University has grown so much since I used to live in the Triangle. Just a few years ago, it went from a small private college to a state university. Driving around campus, we wondered if there were any spirits on campus. Turns out there are a few ghosts! 

During my research, I learned that there are two main spirits that roam the campus. The most well-known spirit is Mary. She is seen and heard through the West Dormitory. Most often, she is seen wandering the halls or floating over the beds of sleeping college students. People have heard her whispering to the sleeping college students and have heard whispering in the hallways when the hallways were empty. Students have also reported seeing light fixtures swinging despite no draft in the room and mirrors shattering by themselves. No one knows for sure who Mary is, but one of the most popular rumors states Mary was a student that was killed when there was a fire on campus in 1923, but the rumors don’t add up. According to the rumors, Mary died when she jumped out of a third-floor window to avoid a fire… The problem is the dormitory wasn’t on fire. It was the building next to the dormitory, and no deaths were recorded during that fire. So who was Mary and why does she haunt West Dormitory? I’ll circle back to that later in this post. 

According to students, staff members, and security guards, there is another spirit that is reported often. This spirit is a middle age man who has been seen in Whitley Auditorium either walking across the stage or messing with papers in one of the classrooms. One theory I saw stated in many places is that he is a former music professor who had a heart attack and died in the building. 

While reading about both of these spirits, I did read about how these two spirits could actually be linked together and their history could extend long before the college was built. Before the college was built, there was a large family home on that land where both West Dormitory and Whitley Auditorium are located. Some people believe that Mary and the middle-aged man are actually an old couple that lived and died in the home back in the 1800s. 

There is at least one other spirit that has been spotted on campus. A former dean revealed that back in the 1940s, as she attended Elon as a student, she awake one night to see a spirit standing by her roommate’s bed. The spirit was bending over to kiss her sleeping roommate on the cheek before vanishing from sight. The next morning, her roommate received a telegram stating that her father had passed away.

Elon University is not the only haunted college in North Carolina. Growing up, I have heard so many stories of ghosts wandering the grounds of UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, and NC State University. I will share some of these stories in future posts. Being in North Carolina for a few weeks has reminded me of so many legends, ghost stories, and cryptids that I grew up learning about. I can’t wait to share them with y’all. Which one would you like to hear about first? Let me know in the comments below! 

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