The Road To San Diego

If you follow my social media at all, you know that this move has been insanely chaotic. We were suppose to be out here months ago. In fact our entire house in Seymour, IL was packed up on July 15th. At the time we were planning on staying in a hotel for a week until Jeremy checked out of his command. A few days after the movers came, we found out that Jeremy wouldn’t be able to check out as planned because there was an issue with his re-enlistment that hadn’t been approved yet. His command let us go down to North Carolina where my mom lives until they could figure out what was going on with his re-enlistment. We figured we would only be there for a week or so. It would be a month before we would have any answers. 

After being there for a month, Jeremy’s command called him back to Illinois to continue recruiting duty. Instead of going back to Champaign where Jeremy had been recruiting, they allowed him to go to Peoria where his friend, French, was a boss at shop. We ended up staying with French for 3 months before Jeremy’s re-enlistment was approved. Keep in mind we were living out of a suitcase each and traveling with two cats and a dog. 

We ended up finally getting on the road to finish our move to San Diego on November 1st. We left French’s house early in the morning. Jeremy drove his car with both of the cats and I traveled with John Paul in my SUV. We were going to spend the first night in Tulsa, OK. While we were in Tulsa, we went to check out a local christian school called Cascia Hall Prep. Jeremy and I are huge fans of the House of Night series which is set there at Cascia Hall Prep. If you like vampires, teenage antics, and Cherokee legends; check out the series. Yeah, it is a young adult series but it is still really good. 

The next day, we drove to Amarillo, TX. We chose Amarillo because I really wanted to take Jeremy to the Big Texan. My family has a tradition of stopping at the Big Texan when ever we were headed to or from California after seeing it on Man vs Food. I tried to talk Jeremy into doing the challenge but he said no. The challenge is to eat a 72oz steak, shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, and a roll with butter. Instead Jeremy chose to have his first ever tomahawk steak. It was delicious. I had the steak tip meal. Also delicious. 

In the morning, we packed up the cars and headed to outside of Amarillo to see Cadillac Ranch. Jeremy drives a Cadillac and wanted to check it out. Since it was windy and a bit crowded, we decided to just take John Paul out to the cars with us. The cats hung out in Jeremy’s car. We bought a can of spray paint from the vendor there and headed down to cars. We had a lot of fun adding to the artwork there. Even John Paul posed for some photos. 

When the three of us were freezing from the wind, we headed back to our vehicles and continued on our road trip. We were going to spend the night in Roswell, NM but on the way there, Jeremy’s tire blew. We lucked out when it happened because it happened when he was only going 35 mph and not 80 mph like he had been 10 minutes earlier. It also happened in front of a hotel that allowed him to work on the car in the parking lot in a safe area. A local tire shop brought us a tire to our location and pointed out that the rest of his tires were about to blow as well. We limped back to their shop where they put three more new tires on his car. Turns out when we loaded up our cars, we inadvertently overloaded his car and that was wearing out his tires quickly. 

With new tires on his car, we carried on to Roswell. We got there shortly after sun down and checked into our hotel. We decided to spend two nights in Roswell so that the pets could have a day of rest from being cooped up in the cars. We spent the second day in Roswell exploring the International UFO Museum and some of the shops in the area. It was really cool to learn about the crash, the coverups, and the depictions in movies and shows. I didn’t realize that the actual crash site was so far from the town. We had a fun day checking everything out.

The next morning we continued onto Winslow, AZ. One the way out of town though, I bought a stuffed alien plushie that I named Ross Wellington. Since we checked out Roswell, we wanted to also check out Meteor Crater. We managed to get to the crater in time for the final tour. It was cool to see in person and so much larger than either of expected. We had fun learning about it and the family that owned it. We also had fun posing Ross Wellington for photos. 

The next day was our last day of travel. We made it to San Diego after a long day of driving. We had to stay in a hotel on base for a couple of days while we waited for the keys to our house. The animals were happy for the break in driving. Both Katniss and John Paul enjoyed walking along the water near the hotel. Katniss has developed a fascination with seagulls. She hadn’t seen them before but liked watching them float on the water. 

We have been in our house now for 3 weeks. We are almost completely unpacked. We just have the craft room and the kitchen to finish up basically. Hopefully we have those set up soon. I have some baking I want to do and no place to do it. Once we have the house completely set up, I will do a tour of the house. 

As mentioned in my previous post, we are really enjoying being in San Diego. We have had fun exploring the area and trying so many new restaurants. I will share some of adventures with you in future posts. Be sure you are subscribed to this blog to receive notifications when next posts are available. If you have any suggestions on places to for us to check out, please let me know in the comments below! 

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