My First Spouse Event In San Diego

Last week has been a very busy week of getting back into our new routines. Jeremy’s PCS leave (time off for the move and to settle into the house) finally came to an end. He started the check in process on Wednesday. It’s going to take a few days for him to completely check in but so far he is liking his new shop and command. 

Meanwhile I have been trying to figure out what my routine will be. That will take a week or two to fall into place but so far I am enjoying getting back into the rhythm of getting time to myself to do tarot readings and writing. I haven’t opened readings to clients again yet. I need to get my mindset and space set up to do those again but I should be opening those back up in the next couple of weeks. As for the writing, I have been focusing on this blog mostly. I forgot how freeing it was to have a lifestyle blog. 

When I first started blogging back in 2015 when we found out Jeremy got orders to Iwakuni, Japan, I had a lifestyle/ travel blog to share our adventures (similar to what I am doing now) called “I Do & Adieu”. I loved that blog but with recruiting duty I knew I would have a very boring blog. So after 3 years of “I Do & Adieu” I started my paranormal blog, “Paranormal Housewife”. I love the paranormal and its usually the thing people usually associate with me even before the blog. As much as I love my paranormal blog, it takes a lot of work to make it happen. I’m not going to end my paranormal blog but this blog is making realize that I need to make some changes.

On Thursday I attended my first spouse event for Jeremy’s unit. I’ll admit after the toxicity I encountered with the spouse group in Iwakuni (a story for another day), I was kind of nervous but went with an open mind. I’m glad I went because the ladies there were great. In addition to new ladies I met, Carlie (another spouse I know from Iwakuni but is actually a sweetheart) and Avery (a fellow recruiting spouse from Illinois). 

The activity was actually really fun. We made wreaths out of ornaments. It was harder than I originally thought it would be and took way more hot glue than I assumed it would need. I decided to make one out of blue and silver balls. Avery made a similar styled wreath with blue and silver ornaments. Carlie made one with red, gold, green, and pinecone ornaments. The three of us had fun catching up and putting the wreaths together. Shannon (the Family Readiness Advisor) played Christmas music while we worked. Of course, me being the klutz I am, dropped my wreath as I was standing up to take a group photo with the other ladies and their wreaths. I was able to fix it real quick before we took a photo. Overall, the evening was a lot of fun. 

I’m really looking forward to joining in more spouse events. Since this event, I did volunteer to make cookies for the cookie drop for the single Marines in the unit that live in the barracks. I have already written a blog post about that and included the recipe for the Raggedy Robin Cookies I made. You can see that post here if you haven’t checked it out yet. I had a lot of fun with making the cookies and I wish I could have helped out more with the cookie drop. The spouses got together Wednesday night to bag the cookies and went out on Thursday to deliver the bags of cookies to the Marines. Wednesday night instead of helping bag cookies, Jeremy and I were at a local animal hospital visiting Bagheera. 

Bagheera has been very sick since Sunday (December 5th). We thought it was his usual UTI that he gets when he stresses himself out. Bagheera is very prone to anxiety and depression episodes. He will stress himself out to the point that he can’t use the bathroom and pull the hair the out of his tail. We were told by his vet in Illinois that he couldn’t use the bathroom due to UTIs and it would clear up when he had his medicine. When he started showing signs of being sick on Sunday, we figured it was just another UTI. We gave him his usual meds and figured that it would clear up in a couple of days. Monday I stayed in the bedroom with Bagheera to keep an eye on him. He seemed to be in less pain than the night before but he was still throwing up every 2 hours and trying to use the litter box hourly. We gave him more meds Monday night and tried to get him settled into bed. He refused to sleep with us in the bed and kept moving out to the hallway to sleep alone which was very unusual for him. We started getting concerned that he wouldn’t live through the night. Jeremy and I took turns waking up every hour or so to check on Bagheera. 

Tuesday morning I started calling around to vet clinics to try and find someone who could see Bagheera that morning. After calling 15 different clinics I found out about a pet urgent care facility that was 10 minutes from our house. They were able to get us in that day after waiting in the lobby for about 30 minutes. Turns out UTIs in male cats isn’t normal and that Bagheera had stressed himself into a blockage of the urethra. He needed to have the blockage removed which they were able to do at the urgent care. After the procedure, they needed to keep a catheter in him to drain his bladder. Between that and his high kidney levels, he needed to be checked into a 24 hour hospital so they could monitor him. 

He should be home by the time this post goes live. At the time of writing this post, Bagheera is doing well. We’ve visited him nightly and last night he was purring while trying to jump into our arms. His levels were almost to the normal range. To keep him from having more incidences like this, we will need to maintain a quiet household and try to keep things calm for Bagheera. He doesn’t like change (like moving and traveling cross country). We will also be implementing his music therapy again like we did in Seymour. 

When I started this post, I wasn’t planning on writing about Bagheera (mainly because he hadn’t gotten sick yet) but life happens. And now I am back to writing about my life and the chaos that happens. I will let y’all know how Bagheera is doing and how future spouse events are in upcoming posts. Also be sure to check out my social media pages for updates and photos. 

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