A Splashing Good Weekend

This weekend was busy but also a lot of fun. We got to hang out with friends, explore new areas, and start celebrating the holiday season. Plus Bagheera came home! He was discharged Friday night. He has been doing well. He is acting like he did before he got sick. Katniss has calmed down since her brother came home and life returned to normal. 

We started it off by meeting up with Carlie, Scott, and their dog, Sidney, at a dog park in Little Italy. There was a charity event going on where dogs could meet Santa Claus. It was put on by a house sitting company. They were hosting a drawing that people could enter by donating dog toys. The winner received a one year membership to the company’s website. The company also arranged for a caricature artist that drew portraits of the dogs visiting the park. Both Sidney and John Paul had their portraits drawn. Carlie ended up winning the membership. 

After leaving the dog park, Jeremy, John Paul, and I wandered through the street market that was going on. There were lots of different options ranging from artists, bakers, meat shops, cheese shops, to plant vendors. Jeremy and I picked up breakfast from a bakery tent. He got cherry danish and I got a croissant muffin but Jeremy ate most of it because it was huge. Both were delicious. It was fun checking out the vendors but most things were way too expensive for out wallets. 

On the way home, we stopped by Kiko’s Place which is a seafood taco truck. The tacos we got were delicious; as was the soup they gave us to try. The prices were extremely reasonable. We were able to get a few tacos and two cups of soup for less than $20. After that we went to try a different boba shop. We really love boba and we are trying to find our favorite shop. We went to the Ice Box which was suppose to be a self serve boba shop. Unfortunately, due to COVID, they weren’t allowing the self service portion. The drinks were alright. Not our favorite so far but the shop was cute.

That evening, our neighbors, Hollie and Scott, came over to play a fun game we got from Trader Joe’s. We had picked up a box of caramels. It has 12 caramels in it. Each caramel is different flavor. The flavors are listed on the box but not in the order of the caramels in the box. You’re suppose to sample each caramel and try to guess the flavor. We really had fun doing it. I ended up winning by getting 9 out of 12 caramels correct. Hollie and Scott tied with 7 correct answers. Jeremy came in last place with 4 correct answers. I guess we have some work to do before Jeremy ever appears on Hell’s Kitchen. 

On Sunday, Jeremy and I went to Seaworld for his unit’s Christmas party. The party kicked off with a buffet lunch. While we all ate, they had a drawing for various prizes. Jeremy and I really wanted the vacuum that they had as a prize because our vacuum disappeared during the move. Sadly we didn’t win. Carlie and Scott, though, proved to be extremely lucky. First Scott’s name was called for an air fryer/ pressure cooker combo but they were at the party because they were watching the orca show. When they found out that his name was called for a prize, they tried to race back to the party. Unfortunately, they didn’t get back in time. Carlie and Scott joined us at our table to wait for the rest of the drawings. Just as Carlie sat down, she said “well, they won’t call my name. They don’t know we are here!” Not even five seconds later, they called her name saying she won a 50 inch smart television! 

Once the drawing was finished, they dismissed us to explore the park. Jeremy and I hung out with Carlie and Scott for the rest of the day. The first thing we did was go check out the penguins. I love penguins and really enjoyed seeing them swim around. After that Jeremy, Carlie and I went on log flume ride. I was extremely nervous because I hadn’t been on a roller coaster ride in about 20 years.

When I was in my early 20s, I had gone to Carowinds with my sister’s boyfriend. One of the rides we had gone on was the Superman roller coaster. I use to LOVE roller coasters. Until I went on this one. We got into our seats and I couldn’t get the harness to lock into place. A worker came by to check my harness. He, too, couldn’t get it to latch into place. He shrugged and walked off. I started to try and get out of the seat when they started the ride. I started to panic and started begging to be let off the ride but I was ignored by the workers. As the ride started going up the first hill, the guy in front me suddenly had his harness shoot up. I watched him scramble to fix it. At that point I lost it. I was freaking out the entire ride because I knew there was several loops and twists coming up in the ride. Each time I went upside, I could feel that only the thin seatbelt was holding me into my seat and I could feel snap tight each time. I really thought I was going to fall to my death. 

Since my weight loss surgery (I will go into more about that in another post) I have lost enough weight to where I felt comfortable trying a roller coaster again. The first ride we went on was really a lot of fun. That was until we got to the end of the ride and realized that the fire alarms were going off while we were on the ride. We had to exit quickly from a different platform. Thankfully it wasn’t anything too serious and we were able to explore more of the park. 

After the ride, we went to the dolphin show. Jeremy and I LOVED the dolphin show. Especially when they brought out the pilot whales. I had never seen a pilot whale before and they are so beautiful. During the show, a little girl named Emily was a volunteer to interact with one of the dolphins. I managed to get some cool shots of her with the dolphin. Jeremy and I found her family after the show and sent them the photos. During the show, Jeremy and I got completely soaked. It was amazing. 

Before we headed home, the four of us decided to ride the Manta (another roller coaster). This ride made me really nervous because it went upside down a few times and backwards at times. But I made it through the ride in one piece and actually really enjoyed it. Things like this make me really happy to have had the weight loss surgery. 

Jeremy and I ended up going home after that last ride because Bagheera needed to have another dose of meds. Even though was a lot still left see at the park, military folks get a free day at SeaWorld. We plan on using that soon to see the rest of the park. I can’t wait to go back. 

After three hellish years on recruiting duty, its so refreshing to have a fun weekend with Jeremy. We didn’t really get weekends like this because of how crazy his schedule was. We plan on sightseeing more now on the weekends and learning more about our new town. I can’t wait to share our adventures with you. Please let me know in the comments some suggestions y’all have for places or events for us to check out. 

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