No Happy Endings In This Castle

As mentioned in the post I put up on Sunday talking about this week’s theme, I said that Washington made me think of Starbucks, Grey’s Anatomy, and grunge rock bands. And all of those things can be found in Seattle, Washington. Another thing that can be found in Seattle is an unassuming three story house that is located down on Carleton Avenue South. Walking past the house, you may notice its Queen Anne style architecture as well as this tiny plaque nestled in the garden that states:

“THE GESSNER MANSION The ‘Georgetown Castle’ was once a rooming house, a brothel, a clubhouse for the Nonpareils baseball team, as well as home to a ghost named Sara.”

The Georgetown Castle was built in 1902 by a blackjack dealer named Peter Gessner. Gessner had built the home to be a place for him and his wife to raise a family but that would never happen. Shortly after the house was built, Peter’s wife, Anne Elizabeth “Lizzie”, decided to run off with a local chicken farmer. Heartbroken, Peter decided to turn the house into a gambling hall and brothel. Occasionally, Peter’s niece, Sara, would visit his house. There are rumors stating that Peter had raped Sara and left her locked in the castle’s spire when she became pregnant. After the baby was born, it was supposedly taken from Sara after she gave birth and was buried in the yard. After about a year of being in the house, Peter decided to kill himself by drinking carbolic acid in his bedroom. 

Over the years, the house would switch hands a few times. At times it served as a brothel and other times it was a boarding house. In the 1920’s, a woman named Mary Christian was murdered in the house. The rumors around Mary vary depending on who you talk to. Some say she was a magician’s assistant who strangled to death by the magician. Others say she was a sex worker who was shot by either her pimp or her John. 

There are at least four different spirits in and around this home. Peter is known to haunt the second floor. He has been seen walking from room to room. Footsteps have been heard. Cold spots have been reported through out the house. A dark hair female spirit wearing all black is believed to be Sara. She has been seen in the spire of the castle often. A female can be heard crying in the spire as well. Mary Christian has been seen walking around in a white nightgown. When people have seen this red headed spirit, they have reported feeling at peace. Visitors standing on the porch have reported hearing a baby crying from the yard.

Unfortunately, this is not a location open to visitors anymore. This home is now a private residence. I wonder how the family living there likes living in a home that is considered to be the most haunted location in Seattle? I wonder if they live in peace with the spirits or just let the spirits do what they want. If you do go there, please be respectful to both the spirits and the living there. Taking lots of photos or peering into their windows is invasive of their privacy. I do not know if they are willing to open their home to paranormal investigations. If you do reach out to them about doing one, please respect their wishes if they say no. Just because a place is haunted doesn’t mean someone has the right to investigate the location. 

Have you heard of the Georgetown Castle before? Have you been by there? Let me know in the comments below. 

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