This Urban Legend Is Pretty Crazy

Before we get into today’s post, did you catch the first episode of Paranormal Housewife Podcast? It dropped yesterday and talks about the ghosts that roam the Tower of London. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, you can check it out here or any where you listen to your podcasts. If you have had a chance to listen to it, please let me know what you thought of it. For today’s post, we are still in Minnesota and talking an interesting urban legend out of Henderson called Crazy Annie’s Bridge. 

On a gravel road just off of 270th street, is a bridge over a creek with a large tree on the left side of the bridge. The urban legend says that there use to be a house by this bridge. The house was the home of Annie, her husband, and their three children. During World War I, Annie’s husband left to fight in the war but was unfortunately killed while overseas. Poor Annie was overcome with grief and went insane. She dragged her children down to the creek, one by one to drown them. When she was done, she laid them on the banks of the creek before hanging herself from the tree that grew beside the bridge. Since then, visitors to the bridge experience a wide variety of paranormal events. 

Those brave enough to venture down to the bridge at night have claimed that Annie or something else haunts the bridge that has since become known as Crazy Annie’s Bridge. Visitors claim that when they park their car on the bridge and get out of the car that they can hear a woman screaming in sorrow. Others claim to hear footsteps approaching their car on the bridge but they can’t see the cause of the footsteps. Some people say that their car’s radio will turn on by itself and that the volume and the stations will change of their own accord. Cell phone batteries are known to be drain quickly and sometimes even the car’s battery will be drained before the visitors can drive off the bridge. Handprints are known to appear on the car or it’s windows. SOme folks claim to see a dark figure walking around near the creek. Others claim to see Annie as a woman in white walking along the creek or hanging from the tree. Other visitors have claimed to see children or hear their screams coming from the creek area. 

If you do go to this bridge, please be careful when you go. Some people have claimed to be attacked when they offended Annie (a great reason to NEVER provoke a spirit even if you don’t believe they may actually exist). Cars have been known to lock their occupants out of the car or refuse to start after being parked on the bridge. Some of the people that have been to Crazy Annie’s Bridge claim to have seen red glowing eyes and hearing a not pleasant laughter emanating from the woods around the creek area. It makes me wonder if there is something other than Annie waiting in the forest for those foolish enough to leave the safety of their vehicle and the bridge. 

Reports of similar bridges have been reported all over the world. They are usually classed as Cry Baby bridges because typically the urban legends has something to do with a mother either killing or losing their child near a bridge and as a result a baby is heard crying at night near the bridge. Almost all these locations have similar stories of paranormal activity and very similar accounts of car problems. Would y’all like to hear more about various Cry Baby Bridges from around the world? Have you been to one before? Let me know in the comments below. 

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