They Just Want To Be Left Alone

Just outside of Memphis, Tennessee is a small community called Mason which is home to one of the oldest churches in Tipton County. Unfortunately this church has been cursed with a few unholy visitors that brought destruction and sadness. And yet, the congregation still meets and brings praise to their Lord at the Old Trinity Church. 

The original congregation began meeting together in 1837 when the Reverend John Drummond moved to Tipton County as a missionary. The congregation would gather at a storehouse called St. Andrew’s. Unfortunately St. Andrews burned down in 1845 which left the congregation without a meeting place for two years. In 1847, Trinity-In-The-Fields was built. The church became a meeting place for the white planters, their families, and their slaves to hear the word of God. The white members of the church had their services at a different time than the slaves did. In 1871, a new church was built elsewhere but the founding families still used the Trinity-In-The-Fields cemetery to bury their dead. Fifty years after the new church was built, the congregation came back to their church. Despite the church being used again, the church was often vandalized. At least one of the times that the church was vandalized, it was done by a local satanic cult. Those that vandalized the church broke most of the headstones in the cemetery, smashed the walnut pews inside the church, broke the windows, and peppered the walls of the church with buckshot. Not only has the destruction caused the living to set up protective measures to try to keep their church safe but it seems as though the dead are trying in their own way to help protect the church they love. 

If you go to the church, be careful where you visit on the property. The caretaker has installed trip wires and wires that are neck high to trip up someone who may be visiting with malicious intentions. Those who have visited the church’s cemetery at night say they have seen strange lights and heard muffled voices calling them to the areas that are booby-trapped by the caretaker. The church doors will also swing open on their own accord inviting those that arrive after the church is closed up for the night to come inside but often those that do find the doors relock themselves. In the back of the church, there is a large Virgin Mary statue that serves as a headstone for a woman who died in 1912. It’s rumored that the statue bleeds from its eyes and neck. 

I apologize that this post is a little shorter than I normal write. I really wanted to write about this church to highlight what can happen when the dead are provoked. Of all places, a place of worship and a cemetery should be left alone. The continued provocation and destruction of property has made it so those that are buried they can’t rest in peace. I wonder if those that go there for something other than visiting loved ones and attending a church service stopped going there, would the activity settle back down? I mean even the ethical ghost hunters going to this location “just to check it out”. This is why I am so passionate about ethical ghost hunting. Even if we wanted to investigate here, the spirits have made it clear that they don’t want anyone to visit. Let’s respect their privacy and let them rest. 

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