The Dog Boy Of Arkansas

For those of y’all that follow this blog and now my podcast, I hope you know how much I appreciate y’all. I also hope how much sharing, commenting, and interacting with my posts really helps keep this blog going. I also really love it when y’all suggest topics for me to cover. Like today’s topic. If it wasn’t for readers like Alice, who suggested today’s topic, I wouldn’t know about some of these local to y’all stories. So thank you for suggestions! Thank you, Alice, for messaging me about the Dog Boy of Quitman, Arkansas. This was a tough one to read about so if abuse to elderly or animals bother you, consider this a trigger warning before proceeding further into this post. 

Today’s post is about a house in Quitman, Arkansas. Since this is still a private residence, I am not going to give out the address. If you do know or find out the address, please be respectful of the family living there. This house was built in 1890. While a few different families have lived in the house over the years, I will only cover a couple of the families and their experiences here. The first family was the Jackson family. Benjamin Jackson lived there with his wife and son. Unfortunately, Benjamin’s wife passed away when she was just 28 years old. His son passed away while serving in World War I. Since their deaths, all three Jacksons have been experienced in the home (more about that later). 

The second family I want to talk about is the Bettis family. Floyd and Aline Bettina moved into the house in the 1950s. Aline gave birth to their son, Gerald, in 1954. While I hate talking bad about kids, Gerald was a brat as a kid. Constantly making his parents’ lives difficult with his antics. He was given the nickname of Dog Boy by the townsfolk because he would collect dogs and cats to torture. When he was an adult, Gerald would keep his parents locked upstairs in their house. He would rarely feed them and would beat them often. His father, Floyd, would end up falling down the stairs and breaking his neck which killed him instantly. Many folks believe that Floyd was pushed down the stairs by Gerald. Thankfully because of Floyd’s death, Aline was able to be rescued from the house and Gerald was arrested for abusing her. Gerald ended up dying in jail from an overdose. 

After Gerald’s death, the house went back on the market. Tony Weaver and his wife ended up buying the house. They immediately started experiencing paranormal activity. Tony’s wife worked the night shift and would come back to all the lights in the house turned on despite her turning all the lights off before leaving for work. His wife said that she also witnessed pennies floating down the stairs before all of them falling to the floor at the same time. Tony said that he saw a man in World War I uniform and helmet walk through the living room but he disappeared when Tony ran after him. Toilets in the house have a tendency of flushing by themselves. Tony and his wife would often hear things falling upstairs but when they would go up there to see what fell, they couldn’t find anything out of place. Items around the house would disappear with no explanation. A recliner in the living room opens fully by itself. Animals refuse to enter the house no matter how much their owners try to coax them to come inside. Tony, his wife, and their friends say they have felt watched inside the house. A man was seen wearing a brown jacket and a bow tie walking down the main hallway before disappearing in front of their guest’s eyes. A cold draft is felt through out the house even on hot summer days. Footsteps can be heard throughout the house. Doors will slam shut by themselves. A face can be seen staring out of one of the upstairs windows. Camera equipment fails often inside the house but will resume working normally once off of the property. Guests report feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness in the upstairs part of the house. A contractor working on the home for the Weavers said that while he was working he looked up to see a large man with long brown hair, creepy eyes, great big arms and hands was seen holding a cat in an unfriendly manner in the sunroom. The contractor said that the man turned towards him and walked quickly down the hallway towards the contractor but disappeared in front of the contractor. The contractor refused to come back to the house. The same large man has been seen looking out of one of the windows upstairs. People who knew the Bettis family said that the description of the large man is describing Gerald. 

The family that is currently living in the house say that haven’t experienced any paranormal activity. Hopefully that is the truth and they are able to live in peace in that house. Out of respect to them, I am not identifying the current family nor releasing their address. As mentioned before, if you do know the address of the Dog Boy’s home, do not bother the current residents. They wish to not be bothered. Please respect that wish. 

I hope y’all have had a chance to listen to the latest episode of the Paranormal Housewife podcast. If you have, please let me know what you thought about it. If you have a suggestion for a blog post or podcast episode topic, please let me know! 

Also don’t forget that tomorrow night at about 10pm Pacific Standard time I will be going live on TikTok for the paranormal investigation at our house. Come check out what’s been going on with our spirits and see what happens with the new spirit(s) when the team comes out. The team coming out is Paranormal MIT. You can check out their website here. Hopefully we see you on the live tomorrow night! 


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