Don’t Mess With The Devil’s Mustang!

Before I get into today’s post, I have an exciting announcement! If you saw my social media yesterday, you have an idea what it’s about. I just found out about a new show being produced for Discovery: Science about military folks who experience the paranormal while serving. Some of those experiences include ghosts, UFOs, and cryptids. They reached out to me to help them find current serving military folks and veterans to share their stories with them. I know there are a lot of y’all who follow this blog either are serving our country, have served for our country, or knows someone who has and has experienced the paranormal. If you have and would like to share your story, please either reach out to the email in the image below or shot me a message so I can get you connected with these awesome people who are producing this new show. I’m so excited to see this show! 

Now that that exciting announcement has been made, I guess we should get on with today’s spooky topic. This creepy Puerto Rican location comes from the town of Mayagüez. The house that is the center of today’s topic certainly looks creepy if you were to walk past it… even in the day light. It has clearly been abandoned for a long time. The walls are crumbling and becoming overgrown with plants and vines. But sitting quietly in the garage or car port area of the house is a classic mustang car that has also been abandoned by everyone except the spirits that roam the house and possibly the Devil. Welcome to the Casa del Mustang!

Researching this location was difficult because not only was much of the information I found in Spanish (and I have only a high school level ability to read Spanish) but not much was actually documented about the house. Most of the stories surrounding this house and car are mostly shared by word of mouth. Despite the lack of written history about the house and car, this house remains one of the most haunted homes in Puerto Rico. 

The house was built in the 1970s by a family that wasn’t able to spend much time in the house. It is said that shortly after the house was completed and the family moved in, the family began to experience severe financial issues. To try and escape their financial issues, one of the family members preformed a ritual during Holy Week (which ironically is currently this week and no, I didn’t know that when I started researching for this post) to make a bargain with the Devil. Some of the stories I read mentioned that an orgy or sex magic was possibly used as part of the ritual. Shortly after the ritual was completed, the family won the lottery! The family, celebrating their changing fortunes, bought a new mustang and tried to settle into their home. Unfortunately, the Devil wouldn’t allow them live happily in the house. The family was soon plagued with dark spirits running through the house causing mischief. Neighbors said that they could hear screaming and crying coming from the house even when no one was home. The family and visitors claimed to see dark spirits or shadow spirits (I wasn’t sure about the translations) running through the house, slamming doors, breaking objects, and harassing the family. The family tried to have the house blessed but priests would find the doors stuck closed when they attempted to enter the home. 

Unable to live with their new paranormal roommates, the family fled the house in a hurry. They attempted to take their new car with them but the car refused to crank up. No amount of fixing the car would allow it to start up. At one point, in an act of desperation, the family hired a crane to pull the car out. The large crane struggled to move the car even the tiniest bit before the chain attached to the car snapped. The workers that had brought the crane refused to try and move the car again. So the car was abandoned along with the house. 

With the family officially out of the house, the paranormal activity they had been experiencing became even more noticeable to the neighbors. They would claim to still hear screaming, crying, and not so joyful laughing coming from the now empty house. They could also see shadow figures moving past the broken windows. The neighbors would also claim to hear tapping on the window remnants and gates on the car’s garage. Over the years, people would break into the house to either experience the spirits or try take pieces of the car. Like the family before them, those “visitors” would quickly be scared off claiming to hear either a threatening voice coming empty air or being physically attacked by unseen hands while messing with the car. 

Clearly, the Devil isn’t happy that the family left without holding up their end of the bargain. Whether or not the Devil and his minions of darkness are roaming these rooms or protecting the mustang, its safe to say, you shouldn’t go to this house. Not only you probably get hurt but you shouldn’t enter properties that you don’t have permission to visit. We only do ethical ghost hunting here, remember?

Well, tonight kicks off my birthday celebrations! Tonight, Jeremy and I are getting together with friends to go to a dueling piano bar that is having a Beatles night! I’m really excited. This weekend, Jeremy has a birthday surprise for me. We are celebrating early because there isn’t much fun stuff to do on Monday when my official birthday is. I’ll keep y’all up to date on all the fun stuff going on this week through my social media. I’ll probably go live on TikTok at some point if you want to join in on the fun. I hope y’all have a good weekend! 

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