Bob Still Works Here

You’re not going crazy. I didn’t announce this week’s theme. Oops. I’m sorry. This week we are checking out haunted locations in the great state of Wyoming. I have only been to Wyoming once in my life and that was with some family friends when I was in middle school. I loved it. Especially Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The arches made of antlers made a lasting impression on me. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is also the location of today’s topic which is the Wort Hotel. 

The Wort Hotel was built in 1941 by two brothers, John and Jess Wort. The brothers wanted to help make their late father’s dream of opening a luxury lodging experience. come true. The hotel was built on land their father had purchased when he had moved out to Jackson Hole. The hotel became a popular place for military folks on leave during World War II. In 1950, they had the Silver Dollar Bar added onto the hotel. The Silver Dollar Bar’s bar had 2032 uncirculated Morgan silver dollars embedded in the surface. In 1980, the hotel almost came to a fiery end. A bird’s nest was built too close to a transformer and sparked a fire that caught the hotel on fire. The fire burned throughout the night with the roof collapsing at one point. Many in the town figured this would be the end of the beautiful hotel but a few days later a sign posted in the window of the Wort Hotel stated that they would be rebuilding and reopening. The Wort Hotel reopened in June 1981 and has been successful ever since then. 

Among the many guests that wander the hallways of the hotel there are also a couple of spirits that roam with the living. The most famous of the spirits is probably Bob Tomingas. Bob began working at the hotel back in 1950s. He was a former engineer that completely rebuilt the hotel’s heating, water, and electrical systems. During the winters in the 1950s, the hotel staff was use to coming in in the mornings to see Bob sleeping on a pallet by the boiler. He would come in at night to baby the boiler to make sure it worked through out the night in order to keep the guests warm in their beds. Workers now a days say that Bob is still hard at work at the Wort Hotel. One of the current maintenance workers said that he had been looking for days for a broken pipe that was leaking and was completely stumped on where the broken pipe could be. He was walking down one of the hallways when he noticed a pipe wrench leaning against the wall. Feeling like Bob was giving him a clue from beyond the grave, the maintenance worker decided to open the wall above where the pipe wrench was propped up. The maintenance worker was not surprised to see the broken pipe right there and he was able to fix with the pipe wrench that Bob had left for him. Other workers mentioned that Bob will rearrange the maintenance office often much to the frustrations of the current maintenance workers. Bob is a playful spirit that loves to help out it seems. 

Too bad we can’t say the same about the next spirits that now call the Wort Hotel home. The McAuliffe Sisters were murdered while on a family vacation to Jackson Hole. Debbie was only 12 years old and Cindy was 8 years old when 19 year old Andrew Pixley climbed into their hotel room’s window on August 5th, 1965. Debbie and Cindy were in the room with their little sister, Susan, who was just 6 years old at the time. Andrew raped, beat, and strangled Debbie and Cindy before passing out from intoxication. Susan was left unharmed from the attack. Their parents, Judge Robert and Betty McAuliffe, had been in the hotel’s lounge until 1am when they heard a commotion coming from their second floor hotel room. They rushed to room to see Andrew passed out on the floor. Andrew would become the youngest person in Wyoming history to sentenced to death at 22 years old. It is said that Andrew laughed when the judge read out the date he would executed by the state. Since the murders, workers have claimed to hear crying and screaming coming from the area behind the front desk, as well as on the second floor near their former hotel room. There have also been reports of children playing in the hallways, wandering around the floors in dated clothing, and seen peering out of windows throughout the hotel. 

While it isn’t the most active hotel we have discussed on this blog, this is a nice hotel to check out if you want to ease your way into the paranormal world. Debbie, Cindy, and Bob don’t mean any harm and probably won’t try to frighten you. If you go check out this hotel, let me know. I would love to hear about your experiences here. 

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