The Ghosts of Ferry Plantation

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Hi! Hello! And welcome back to the Paranormal Housewife Podcast! Welcome if your new! I hope y’all are doing well now that Mercury Retrograde is over with. Now that we are on the other side of that, so much is going on in the Stillwagon household. 

We finally have an update of sorts about the investigation that happened here over two months ago. We have gotten one tiktok from Paranormal MIT. It came out right around my last episode came out. I will link it in the description of this episode in case you want to check it out. It is part of the EVP session that we did in the garage. I have pulled some of the EVPs out of that session for y’all to hear. I’m not sure how well it will be heard through this podcast so if you can’t hear it well, please go check out the TikTok video linked in the description. These clips were cleaned and enhanced by Paranormal MIT. 

The first clip is when the ovilus called out Mason’s name. Mason is the little boy next door that has been seeing a man or a monster walk through walls. The voice at the end is my neighbor, Hollie, who was watching the TikTok live while we did this. This is just one of many names we had called out during the investigation and the names were either the kids and their parents that lived in this townhome before us or kids in our cul da sac. 

The next two clips I want to play for you to see if you hear the same things we heard. Then I will share what we thought we heard and then play them again for you to see if you agree or disagree. 

In the first of the two clips we heard just leave. Amy from Paranormal MIT originally heard Jesslynn, who is one of the investigators for Paranormal MIT that came over that night. The second clip sounds like its saying “kill them” to Paranormal MIT but I hear children. Do you hear that too or do you hear something different? 

The fourth clip I would like to play for you is a response to Amy asking “what do we call you”. She believes it says “Malo” meaning bad or evil in Spanish. I hear Mahalo or Paulo. What do you hear? 

The final clip I have for y’all involves the Japanese dolls we have in glass cases in our living room and entry way. It sounds like they are sumimasen which is Japanese for I’m sorry. These are dolls that we bought through Facebook selling pages for families living on the base in Iwakuni. I don’t have any history for the dolls and can’t even remember who we bought them from. They came from different families. I will put a pictures of the dolls on my Instagram page, Paranormal Housewife, for you to see. 

While this video is great and I really appreciate it, this four and a half minute video is all evidence we have been given so far from a three or four hour investigation that took place over two months ago. It is frustrating to know how much more evidence there is to gathered from the rest of the investigation but they haven’t shared it with us. I don’t want to harass them again for more updates but I also want to know what evidence they have gathered. Working with a paranormal team shouldn’t be this frustrating. 

In the last episode of this podcast, I talked about Jeremy and I deciding to start a paranormal team of our own because we were so frustrated with dealing with the paranormal teams here in San Diego. We have conducted a few interviews and have met some great people. Unfortunately, us putting together a team is going to have to take a back set for a couple of weeks. I have been offered a new job and by the time this episode goes live, I would have already been training for it for a few days. This is a job that when it was offered to me, I just couldn’t turn it down. What is this new job you’re asking? I will be a tour guide for a Ghost City Tours! To my new coworkers who are listening to this episode, HELLO! Once I am done training I have two routes that I will be doing. One is in Old Town, San Diego and the other is downtown San Diego. I will be sharing my love for the paranormal, learning about these haunted locations, getting to know other paranormal enthusiasts, and hearing about their experiences. I’m truly excited for this adventure and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. 

Present day Kelly breaking in for a moment to share some experiences that has already happened while training for my new job. So this past Saturday night, Jeremy and I were shadowing the tour. We were at the last stop on the tour and listening to the tour guide’s stories when went back towards a different section of the graveyard. As soon as I stepped into that area, in my head I kept hearing “Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, Andrew” just on a constant repeat. It was so persistent that I couldn’t think of anything else and couldn’t focus on the tour guide’s speech like I should have been. So I leaned over to the tour guide’s friend that was walking with us and asked her if there was someone named Andrew associated with the cemetery. She said she didn’t know but she handed me her dowsing rods and said I could use them to talk to him. So we took turns talking to Andrew. According to the answers we were getting, he was only visiting the cemetery because someone he was married to was buried there. I made sure to ask him if I could come back and chat with him again, and the dowsing rods signaled yes. Well, today I decided to research Andrew and found out his name is Andrew Cassidy. His first wife is Rosa Serrano and she is buried in El Campo Santo (the cemetery I was chatting with Andrew in). Andrew Cassidy is buried in what is now Calvary Cemetery in another part of San Diego. 

After the tour Saturday night before we headed back to our car, I wanted to talk to another grave in the cemetery. That is the grave of Yankee Jim. He was a criminal that was unfairly and cruelly hung on the property that the Whaley House would be eventually built on. I wanted to introduce myself to him since he is seen often in Old Town. While I was at his grave, I got the mental nudge to bring him whiskey. So today before heading to training I stopped by the liquor store to buy a shot of whiskey. I meant to only buy one but while in the store I picked out three. During training I met some AMAZING folx. After training was finished, I hung back at the cemetery with my new friends Jae, Austin, and Cassie. All four of us went over to Yankee Jim’s grave to share a drink together. Jae didn’t drink because she is underage. Austin downed his drink. Cassie took a sip and offered the rest to Yankee Jim. I uncapped mine and offered it to Yankee Jim as well. I wasn’t going to drink because alcohol makes me nervous still since I have barely had alcohol since my surgery. After hanging out with Yankee Jim for a bit, Austin said he wanted to try something that our trainer had mentioned about a different grave. Our trainer had said that if you put a lit cigarette on the grave of the Unknown German, he will smoke it and occasionally lift it to ash it. Well, Austin lit a cigarette and put in on the cross on his grave. Nothing happened. So after a few minutes Austin picked it up and started smoking it while saying “Guess he doesn’t like menthols”. I then told him that the tour guide’s friend last night said he didn’t like menthol cigarettes and to use regular ones. So Austin pulled out a regular Marlboro, lit it, and placed it on the German’s cross. Almost immediately we could see draws being pulled on the cigarette. I have a video of this happening on my TikTok page. I will drop the link in the description of this episode. If this much stuff has happened in just two days of my training for the job, I can’t wait to see what else I experience as I continue working. Please check back to this podcast, my blog, and my social media because I will keep you updated with all the spooky going ons in my life. 

Because of the training involved with this new job and me still working as a trivia host (I love that job too much to give it up), not only will the paranormal team be put on hold for a couple of weeks but so will my writing for my blog. Y’all I have a 50 page script I have to learn. I need time to focus. I hope y’all understand. But don’t worry. This podcast will still come out as usual. My blog will return to it’s normal schedule in about two weeks. And the paranormal team will happen shortly there after once I figure out a schedule to accommodate everything. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

So now that you are all caught up on what has been going on, on to today’s topic. The location and spirits that we will be talking about today is someplace very dear to me. This location I was introduced to by my original paranormal team and have taken a a few teams back to location because it is so consistent with activity that it makes it a great location for those learning how to use their equipment, to do tests, and to become more comfortable on investigations. This location is open to the public, so anyone is welcome to go check them out. So where am I talking about? The answer is Ferry Plantation! 

Ferry Plantation is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Interestingly enough, it is set in the middle of a housing community called Old Donation Farm which is one of the many names of Ferry Plantation. Ferry Plantation has been referred to as Old Donation Farm, Ferry Farm, and Walke Manor House throughout its history but much more happened on and around the land that the home would eventually be built on. The site dates back to 1642. Back then a ferry boat service ran through the Lynnhaven waterway. There were eleven stops along the river and the ferry operator was signaled by cannons firing at each location. So far only three of the original cannons have been located. 

Originally this property was used as the location for the third Princess Anne County courthouse in 1735. One of the most famous cases to happen in the county happened here. Grace Sherwood, who is also known as the Witch of Pungo, is the only convicted witch in Virginia. She was accused several times of being a witch but the first few accusations were thrown out. Grace was a farmer, as well as a midwife and healer for those in her community. The first time she was accused of witchcraft was in 1697. She was accused of casting a spell on a neighbor’s bull causing it’s death. The second accusation came in 1698 when she was accused of bewitching another neighbor’s hogs and their cotton crop. The third accusation came from Elizabeth Barnes. Elizabeth Barnes accused Grace of turning into a black cat, entering Elizabeth’s home, jumping over Elizabeth’s bed, and drove Elizabeth to whip herself before Grace (in cat form) left through a keyhole. The fourth accusation would be the one that cause Grace to end up on trail. The fourth accusation came from Elizabeth Hill in 1706. She accused Grace of causing a miscarriage. To determine Grace’s guilt or innocent, the judge called for Grace to dunked in the river near the courthouse. If she floated, she would be considered guilty of bing a witch. If she sank, she would be innocent but dead. It was a no win situation for Grace. Before being cast into the water, Grace called out, “Before this day be through you will all get a worse ducking than I!” The first time Grace was dunked, she was thrown into the river with her body tied in an awkward position. Her right thumb was tied to her left big toe and her left thumb was tied to her right big toe. She ended up floating to the surface despite being tied up. The second time they tried to duck her, the sheriff tied a thirteen pound bible to her neck before tossing her back in the water. The bible dragged Grace down under the water but thankfully, Grace was able to untie the bible from around her neck which allowed her to swim back up to the surface. Since she survived the ducking, she was called a witch and thrown in jail for several years. As they lead her away from the river, a down pour began suddenly, thoroughly drenching all of those in attendance. Grace was eventually released from jail and allowed to live until old age. She passed away at the age of 80 in 1740. The Ferry Plantation museum hosts the Grace Sherwood Festival every year. 

When the Princess Anne Courthouse location, the Walke Manor home was built. The former courthouse became the kitchen on the home. The Walke Manor would end up being destroyed by fire on September 12, 1828. The usable bricks from the Walke Manor house were used to construct the house that stands today. The current house was built in 1830 for 17 year old Charles Fleming MacIntosh. The addition was added on in 1850. The home would be lived in by family members until 1986 when it would become abandoned for ten years. It was saved from demolition by a group of citizens. Then a group called Friends of Ferry Plantation House took over its care and began renovating the home in 1996. In 2004, the home would be listed on Virginia’s Landmarks Register and the following year it would listed on US National Register of Historic Places. Now it is a museum and educational center. And home to several ghosts. 

There are two sets of spirits that are tied to the area and not to the house itself. The first being the spirits of Native Americans that use to live in the area. The Chesepian tribe use to used the area around the house as hunting grounds before the area was settled by colonists. Many years later, when construction for the Old Donation Farm neighbor began, a Native American graveyard was discovered. Unfortunately that graveyard was disturbed to allow the neighborhood to be built. Many contribute some of the activity that happens in the neighborhood to the those who’s graves were destroyed. Those in the neighborhood see shadow people darting between trees, hear drumming, and voices whispering in a non-English language. Other spirits encountered are those that were victims of the Lucy shipwreck that happened January 1, 1811 at Cape Henry near where Ferry Plantation would be built. The ship, Lucy, caught on fire before it was able to be docked. Those spirits are seen as full apparitions walking around the property and surrounding land as well as wailing and calling for help. 

In the backyard of Ferry Plantation there is gorgeous, huge magnolia tree. It was planted April 6, 1863 by Sally Rebecca Walke in honor of her late fiancé who was killed during the Civil War. She is often seen wandering the garden, waiting for John to return to her. Another military spouse that is seen in the house is the spirit of Isabella McIntosh. A paranormal team that was investigation at Ferry Plantation was going through their photos they had taken the room called Best Parlor room. They were surprised to see a sad, very pregnant woman dressed in blue. Isabella was 8 months pregnant with her son, Charles Junior, when her husband, Charles was killed aboard the Ironclad Louisiana in 1862. But Isabella isn’t the only McIntosh seen in the home. Her 5 year old daughter, Bessie, has been seen. She died in 1860 and is seen wearing her hair in ringlets and wearing Mary Jane shoes. Another spirit seen and experienced, is Eric. He was a young boy who fell out of a window. Children’s voices have been recorded throughout the house, toys will move (both in the children’s room but also in the giftshop), and they have been standing on the second floor landing. 

One of the docents would bring her granddaughter with her to the house. Her granddaughter, Kathlene, would tell her that there was a man sitting on the second floor landing painting. She said he had a beard and dirty shirt. A while later, the docent showed Kathlene a picture of a former resident. Kathlene said that was the same man she saw. That person was General Thomas H. Williamson. 

In the 1980s, when the last owner of the house needed to move into assisted living, Mrs. Howren hired caretakers to take of her home for her. The caretakers said that they experienced an odd repeated activity in the home. This activity would usually happen on Saturday nights. They would see an older African American man come up from the basement, walk across the room and then kneel by the far wall. He seemed to be working on something for a few minutes before standing back up and leaving the room the way that he had entered. During the renovations that would happen a decade later, a fireplace was revealed to be behind the wall where the older gentleman was kneeling. This gentleman is a very commonly experienced spirit at this home. His name is Henry. He was a slave who lived in the attic space above the old kitchen. He is the spirit that will most likely interact with paranormal investigators. One team was able to get an EVP of Henry saying “goin fishing” when asked what his favorite past time was. While I have talked to Henry during investigations, my husband, Jeremy, has had some interesting interactions with him as well. 

(Interview with Jeremy was unscripted. I’m sorry I don’t have the transcript for this part)

Even with everything we have discussed so far about Ferry Plantation, there are even more spirits and other activity experienced here. There is a Lady in White that is seen. She is thought to have died when she fell down the stairs in 1826. She may have been the children’s nanny and may have been pushed down the stairs to cover up the fact she was pregnant by the father of the children she cared for. Balls of lights have been seen in and around the house. The sounds of chain rattling or being dragged can be heard. Even when the house was abandoned and had no electricity attached to it, neighbors would see lights turning on by themselves within the house. 

I have had several experiences in this home. During different investigations at the house with my original paranormal team, we would try experiments. One experiment was having one of our members, who was also a Civil War re-enactor, dress up in costumes during the investigation. She was to ignore us as we did the investigation and work on tasks that would have been done during that time period. Occasionally we had try to trigger response by asking Henry to do a chore, or instructing the children to do something, or asking Isabella for assistance with cooking a meal. While asking for assistance with cooking the meal, we got an EVP of a female in a quiet voice saying “let this”. The girl that was doing this said that she would occasionally feel touches on her arms or pulling on her skirt. She said she also felt more watched that night than previous visits. Another test we did was playing of EVPs over a speaker to see if it would trigger anything. Some of the EVPs were ones we had captured from previous visits and other were from other locations. While listening back after playing the EVPs, we were surprised to hear something. I forget what the original EVP was saying but it was a female with husky, deeper voice. When played back our recordings, you can her the original EVP playing and then shortly after you hear the exact same voice say in surprise “That’s me!” 

During the same investigation that Jeremy talked about earlier, we were sitting in the Parlor conducting and EVP session. We wanted to talk to Eric so we brought something for him to play with. It was a ball but it was that kind was weighted on one side so it wobbles when it rolls. We figured he would want something new to play with plus it takes more energy to make it move so if it rolls, it clearly was pushed. While we were doing the EVP session, one of the girls in the group suggested we play a game but she was going to whisper the game to Eric if he would come close to her. Since she was on the other side of the room, I couldn’t hear what she whispered but a few seconds later a guy sitting across from me suddenly cried out and rubbed his head. Turns out she said she wanted to play “duck duck goose” and told Eric to smack the person he wanted to chase him around the circle. So the guy who got smacked got up and jogged around the circle. When he got back to his seat, he acted as though Eric beat him there and continued the game. As we took turns chasing each other around the room, Eric must have gotten bored because the ball in the middle of the circle, began rolling towards one of the team members. It rolled a good two or three feet to them. We all sat back down and took turns rolling the ball to the center of the circle the best we could. It would sit there for a moment before wobbling in a new direction. After a while it happened less and less so we figured Eric was either getting tired or bored. So we set the ball up in the middle again to try debunking everything that happened. Even with multiple people running around the room we couldn’t get the ball to roll as far as it had. Jumping near it would get it to roll some but not as far. 

Ferry Plantation is also the site of Al’s famous prank. If you follow my blog you know that Al is a spirit that is attached to a ring that my dad gave me. He goes with us on investigations to help show the spirits how to use our equipment. Unfortunately, sometimes Al gets too excited on investigations and likes to hog the equipment. On this particular investigation, he was hogging the equipment. Jeremy and I tried to go to the gift shop with equipment to let Al chat with us for a bit. Instead of chatting with us, Al spent the time telling Jeremy things like “Shut up” or “Sit dog”. For those of y’all not familiar with Al or Jeremy’s jobs, Al was in the Navy and Jeremy is a Marine (aka a Devil dog). I was getting frustrated with how Al was behaving so I took the equipment upstairs to a small office the museum use for their meetings to have a serious one on one conversation with Al. I had shut the door and as usual for an investigation was sitting in the dark. I had an ovilus with me that allowed me to listen to it with headphones. Al was just chattering away nonstop when all of the sudden he just stopped. It was so quiet I was getting ready to check the ovilus if the batteries had died when he started talking again but this time it was “Stop. Danger. Danger. Danger.” paused a moment again before just saying “Run”. I looked up from the ovilus to see the door to the room swinging open. I instantly jumped up. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I heard “Run” in my ears. In the doorway I just saw a MASSIVE black mass coming into the room. So I did the responsible ghost hunting response of SCREAMING like a maniac while shoving the table towards the black mass. At that moment the ovilus started laughing in my ears. It is not programed with laughter. Al had figured out how to make it laugh… While hearing the laughter the black mass drops down and I see my friend, Laura, standing there. She was wrapped in a black blanket and was looking for a quiet room to take a nap… Al had set me up to be scared. It is the only time I have ever screamed on an investigation or felt like I was in danger and it was all because a ghost decided to prank me. I was made that night at Al but I have since forgiven him for it. Pranks are normal for him. So if you come over, be prepared for it. 

I could talk for hours about Ferry Plantation but I think I have taken up enough of you time. If you would like to hear more about one of my favorite places to investigate, let me know. You can reach me at kelly at paranormal housewife dot com. You can also contact me through my blog, Paranormal Housewife. I’m also reachable through social media. On most platforms I am Paranormal Housewife except twitter where I am Paranormal H W. If you have a suggestion for a future podcast episode, blog post, or someplace for me to investigate please let me know. 

If you enjoyed this episode, please let me know by leaving me a review and rating my show on the streaming service you are listening to this episode. Also please tell your friends and families about this podcast. Both rating and sharing my podcast helps me so much. If you would like to read a copy of the transcripts for this episode, please check out the post on my blog about this episode. Also on that post, you can find a list of some of the resources I used while researching this topic. 

I truly hope you have enjoyed this episode. I can’t believe how close we are to closing out our first season of Paranormal Housewife Podcast! I feel like this has flown by. Well they say time flies when you’re having fun and I’m having a blast doing this. Well, I guess I will see you back here in about two weeks with a new episode of Paranormal Housewife Podcast! Stay spooky, y’all! Bye!

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