Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ethical Ghost Hunting?

Ethical ghost hunting is where the spirits, property, and everything involved is respected. Before the investigation, permission is given by the owners to conduct the investigation. During the investigation, the investigators are polite, non confrontational, not using curse words, or making demands of the spirit. Also respecting the property by not breaking anything, moving things that shouldn’t be touched, and making sure the place looks as it did when the investigators arrived. After the investigation, following up with the owners in a timely manner, not revealing the location or identifying information in the owners request that, and speaking respectfully about everyone and the location when talking with others or sharing the investigation online.

Do You Consider Yourself An Expert?

Even though I have been doing this for close to two decades, I don’t consider myself an expert. I am always learning about the paranormal, investigation equipment and techniques, and everything else that goes into dealing with the paranormal. I will continue to learn because everyday there are new information and new things being discovered.

Are You A Medium Or A Sensitive?

While I do interact with spirits often and my tarot readings are often accurate, I don’t consider consider myself a medium or a sensitive. I have been told by others that they believe I am sensitive but I use techniques that I believe others can learn and use as well.

Do You Charge For Your Services?

I don’t charge for investigation or cleansing services. I provide those free of charge to anyone needing help. If for some reason I am not able to help, I will refer the client to another team in their area that I trust to treat them fairly and investigate in a similar manner to the way that I conduct my investigations.

My other services such as providing investigation training, tarot readings, and some other events that I host, I do charge since there are typically fees I incur in order to these opportunities to others. It is also to cover my time and energy that has been put into that service.

Are You Taking On New Clients?

Yes! I am always excited to start working with new clients.

Are You Still Training Teams and Individuals?

Yes! I offer both online training and in person training. If you are interested in learning more about the training, please let me know through the contact page.

Do You Have Your Own Paranormal Team?

At this time I do not have a team of my own. Since we move every three years or so, it makes it difficult to start and maintain a team from long distance. I occasionally do join up with other teams to help with investigations and research.