New Year = New Goal

I know. I know. It’s time for that New Year New Me bullshit. (Oh yeah. I curse. Get over.) It is time to make your New Year’s Resolutions. We all know that we can make goals or resolutions at any point but most of us will be making new resolutions this weekend. Will we keep them through the year or will we forget we made them in two weeks?  Continue reading New Year = New Goal

Our Merry Little Christmas

Our Christmas was really great. Christmas Eve is always the bigger holiday between the two days. Growing up, Christmas Eve was meant for immediate family and close friends. Thankfully this is a tradition I have been able to carry over into our marriage.  Continue reading Our Merry Little Christmas

My First Spouse Event In San Diego

Last week has been a very busy week of getting back into our new routines. Jeremy’s PCS leave (time off for the move and to settle into the house) finally came to an end. He started the check in process on Wednesday. It’s going to take a few days for him to completely check in but so far he is liking his new shop and command.  Continue reading My First Spouse Event In San Diego

Raggedy Robins Cookie Recipe

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to bake. Whether its cookies or bread, I’m happy pattering around the kitchen. One recipe I make sure to make every year without fail is my mom’s Raggedy Robins. I remember helping making these cookies as a young child. It’s a fun, easy no bake cookie recipe that I have used often with my charges when I was nanny. The smell of chocolate mixing with peanut butter on the stove just makes me feel festive and cozy. Continue reading Raggedy Robins Cookie Recipe

He Certainly Isn’t Your Hallmark Santa Claus…

During one of the posts last week, I briefly mentioned an interesting story involving St. Nicholas and The Pickled Boys. While that story was probably the least Christmasy thing you would associate with Saint Nicholas, it isn’t the only unusual story behind the jolly old man. While doing research for these Christmas posts I ended up coming across a few more interesting stories that I thought you might like to hear. Continue reading He Certainly Isn’t Your Hallmark Santa Claus…