This Jewel Comes With Guardian Angels

Have you ever lived some where or visited a place where you felt like you could live there for the rest of your life? What about a place that you would gladly haunt for the rest of your afterlife? The folks featured in today’s post felt that way about a home they built but didn’t get much of a chance to live in but none the less still call it home. Of course, if I had a chance to live in a home as beautiful as the Henderson Castle Inn, I wouldn’t let a little thing like death keep me from my beautiful home.  Continue reading This Jewel Comes With Guardian Angels

Keeping Watch On The Light Keeper

This week we are checking out haunted locations in the great state of Michigan. I have never been to Michigan but I know some awesome folks from there, like our friend Abby! (Hi Abby if you’re reading this). Today’s topic was recommended to me by a podcast listener. Read to the end of this post to hear about his own encounter at this location. Thank you, Hunter F. for the recommendation. The Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse was a really interesting topic to research.  Continue reading Keeping Watch On The Light Keeper

This Week’s Theme: Michigan

This week on the blog we are going to be checking out some creepy locations in Michigan. Unfortunately, we haven’t talked about Michigan on the blog yet. Which is exactly why I chose to do this weekly state themes so we can explore new hauntings, cryptids, and urban legends. The locations we will be discussing this week are really interesting and I hadn’t heard of before. So definitely check come check them out.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Michigan