Podcast: The Greyhound Bus Museum

This is the transcript and sources for the podcast that just dropped this morning on Paranormal Housewife Podcast. You can listen to it on any streaming service you listen to your podcasts on. Please subscribe to my show to be alerted to when new episodes drop. Please let me know in comments what you thought about today’s episode!  Continue reading Podcast: The Greyhound Bus Museum

This Urban Legend Is Pretty Crazy

Before we get into today’s post, did you catch the first episode of Paranormal Housewife Podcast? It dropped yesterday and talks about the ghosts that roam the Tower of London. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, you can check it out here or any where you listen to your podcasts. If you have had a chance to listen to it, please let me know what you thought of it. For today’s post, we are still in Minnesota and talking an interesting urban legend out of Henderson called Crazy Annie’s Bridge.  Continue reading This Urban Legend Is Pretty Crazy

These Guests Don’t Want To Check Out

When researching this hotel, I could understand why these spirits didn’t want to leave. There have been several hotels that I have visited over the years that I loved so much that I regretting having check out at the end of my vacation. Maybe it was the trip itself, the amazing staff making it feel like a second home, or just a break from normal life that made it impossible to say goodbye but the Palmer House is full of spirits that just couldn’t check out when it was time to move on.  Continue reading These Guests Don’t Want To Check Out

This Week’s Theme: Minnesota

This week we are heading back towards the Midwest for this week’s theme. I’ve only been to Minnesota once and that was for a long layover from Japan to North Carolina to see a high school friend, Grace, and to meet her husband a few years ago. One of the many cool things about Grace is she was the officiant that married Jeremy and I at our big wedding. She also made on of my favorite mugs. Since I was only in Minneapolis for a few hours, I didn’t get a chance to do anything spooky.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Minnesota