These Spirits Monkey Around

On this blog, haunted hotels isn’t too unusual. I mean, heck, we had a whole week dedicated to haunted hotels and have spoken about dozens of other hotels and their spirits but the hotel we are talking about in today’s post has something that the other hotels haven’t had yet. Curious? Keep reading to find out what is hidden within the walls of the Pollard Hotel.  Continue reading These Spirits Monkey Around

Where The Devils Roams

Before we jump into this post I would just like to announce that this is my 200th post on here!!! I will probably be celebrating with goldfish crackers with my dog, John Paul Jones because that is our snack of choice when I sit down to write since I have a lot more writing and researching ahead of me today. It’s been a bit since we have talked about cryptids on this blog. Thankfully New Hampshire has two for us to check out today. I hadn’t heard about either of these until I was trying to find topics to write about for this week’s theme. If you have heard of either of these cryptids, let me know.  Continue reading Where The Devils Roams