“This Place Is Alive” featuring Travelers Moon Paranormal

When I knew I was going to be doing locations in Iowa this week, I knew there was a team I needed to reach out to. I had met Chris Nielson and Kelly McCarville at The Haunted Horror Film & Paranormal Investigation Festival. They are the paranormal investigators that make up Travelers Moon Paranormal. While at the festival, I really enjoyed getting to know them and learning about some of the techniques that they use. They were the ones to introduce me to the Estes method which the spirit box technique you saw Paranormal MIT use during the investigation at our house a month ago where one person uses headphones to listen to a spirit box but they can’t hear questions being asked by the team during the session. It’s a way to get unbiased answers from the spirit box in real time. Anyways, I knew I wanted to reach out to Travelers Moon Paranormal because they have experience with both of the locations this week. Especially today’s topic. Kelly and Chris go to Edinburgh Manor every few weeks and have had some interesting experiences.  Continue reading “This Place Is Alive” featuring Travelers Moon Paranormal

Don’t Mess With The Devil’s Mustang!

This creepy Puerto Rican location comes from the town of Mayagüez. The house that is the center of today’s topic certainly looks creepy if you were to walk past it… even in the day light. It has clearly been abandoned for a long time. The walls are crumbling and becoming overgrown with plants and vines. But sitting quietly in the garage or car port area of the house is a classic mustang car that has also been abandoned by everyone except the spirits that roam the house and possibly the Devil. Welcome to the Casa del Mustang! Continue reading Don’t Mess With The Devil’s Mustang!

Podcast: Haunted Savannah

This is the transcript and sources for the podcast that just dropped this morning on Paranormal Housewife Podcast. You can listen to it on any streaming service you listen to your podcasts on. Please subscribe to my show to be alerted to when new episodes drop. Please let me know in comments what you thought about today’s episode! Continue reading Podcast: Haunted Savannah

Not As Abandoned As It Appears

While Jeremy and I were staying in Peoria briefly last year, we got the chance to go down to Alton, Illinois for the evening for a talk by one of my favorite paranormal authors. While we were down there I had hoped to have a chance to drive by today’s topic but unfortunately an accident caused us to run later than we were planning. Maybe when we go back to Illinois for our friends’ wedding we can stop by the McPike Mansion.  Continue reading Not As Abandoned As It Appears

A Death For Christmas

The topic of today’s post is a haunted location that has intrigued me for a while now. I first heard of this case when it appeared on My Ghost Story and then again later on Ghost Hunters. I don’t know what it is about this haunted location but this is one of the cases that is often in the back of my mind. When I made the plan to talk about haunted locations in each state, I knew the Allen House would one of the topics for Arkansas before I even knew what the other topic(s) would be.  Continue reading A Death For Christmas

These Guests Don’t Want To Check Out

When researching this hotel, I could understand why these spirits didn’t want to leave. There have been several hotels that I have visited over the years that I loved so much that I regretting having check out at the end of my vacation. Maybe it was the trip itself, the amazing staff making it feel like a second home, or just a break from normal life that made it impossible to say goodbye but the Palmer House is full of spirits that just couldn’t check out when it was time to move on.  Continue reading These Guests Don’t Want To Check Out

Table For 100 Spirits, Please!

When I was looking for suggestions this week’s locations, I had a few people mention this restaurant. The more I looked into it, the more intrigued I became by it. The amount of activity that happens here and the amount of spirits that seem to wander through easily explains why this restaurant is considered to be Utah’s most haunted restaurant. I also love the family history associated with the Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant.  Continue reading Table For 100 Spirits, Please!

Haunted Horror Film & Paranormal Investigation Festival

As you know, two weekends ago I attended the Haunted Horror Film & Paranormal Investigation Festival. If you know me at all, you can tell just by the title of the festival that this festival is perfect for me because it combines two of my favorite things- horror movies and paranormal stuff. Add in the fact that it was taking place at a haunted location and in a town I have been wanting to visit for a while because of its history. Continue reading Haunted Horror Film & Paranormal Investigation Festival

Kindness Is The Best Medicine

So far the week that I have spent in Peoria, I really love it here. There has been a lot to see and do. I have been keeping busy with checking out everything. One of the places I was most excited to check out was the Peoria State Hospital and not just because of the paranormal aspect.  Continue reading Kindness Is The Best Medicine

Whaley House Part Two

Just over two years ago, I posted my husband’s notes about when he visited the Whaley House while he was at recruiting school in San Diego. Since then, I have received several messages asking that I do a new post talking about the house’s history and the hauntings that are supposed to happen there. Today’s post is as y’all requested! Continue reading Whaley House Part Two

Meeting A Paranormal Celebrity

While I was checking out, I saw a book by the register. It was one of those local books about the area’s ghosts that most gift shops have. What caught me off guard was that I recognized the face on the cover of the book. It was someone I grew up hearing about from my dad and shows like Unsolved Mysteries. It was Robert the doll. Continue reading Meeting A Paranormal Celebrity