This Week’s Theme: Puerto Rico

Thank you so much for letting me have a week off writing. It was much needed. I am back and ready to share some spooky stories with y’all. This week on the blog we will be checking out some creepy places in Puerto Rico! I really think y’all will like the stories about these locations. This will be my first time talking about Puerto Rico. So no links to share to help get you in a tropical mood.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Puerto Rico

This Week’s Theme: Illinois

This week on the blog we are heading back to my old stomping grounds of Illinois!!! Can you believe its been 5 months since we left Illinois for good? How time flies when you’re in a warmer location. I do miss some things about Illinois, mainly the friends we made but overall we are happier in California. The two places I have planned for this week are places I wanted to go check out but wasn’t able to. They are locations that have fascinated me and I think they will be of interest to you too.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Illinois

This Week’s Theme: Montana

This week on the blog we will be talking about a couple of really interesting places in Montana! I’m actually really excited about one of these locations because we haven’t discussed this type of location before even though the type of spirits that are experienced in this location has been mentioned in other posts before. You definitely need to check out the posts this week. We have briefly mentioned Montana in a post on here before. Surprisingly, it was in regards to La LLorona. Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Montana

This Week’s Theme: Nebraska

I hope y’all are having a safe, warm weekend. Over here in San Diego, it is cold and rainy. Jeremy and I tried to take John Paul to a dog park to let him burn off some energy but it was so cold that we left with in 20 minutes. Thankfully we left when we did because after driving about block down the street, it started just pouring rain. This is not the weather we left the Midwest for… Speaking of the Midwest, this week’s theme is still in the Midwest. This week we will be exploring haunted locations in Nebraska!  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Nebraska

This Week’s Theme: New Hampshire

This week’s theme is a state that I have been to but not for a few decades. My parents took my little sister and I to New Hampshire to visit a Vietnam buddy of my dad’s for I think his wedding. The only thing I remember of that trip is that George’s guest house smelled like Snapple Peach juice and trying lobster rolls for the first time. I was definitely too young to go ghost hunting but I remember my dad saying that George had said there was a spirit in the guest house.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: New Hampshire

This Week’s Theme: Utah

I know I normally share posts on Sundays that take place in the state that we are talking about but some how we haven’t discussed locations in Utah yet! I don’t know how because there are so many haunted locations and some really cool urban legends that are found in Utah. But in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow I will share these links to these romantic paranormal posts I’ve shared over the years. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and a wonderful week!  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Utah

This Week’s Theme: Texas

Now that things are getting back into a routine I can work with, lets get back to the paranormal posts y’all know and love. While I haven’t really spent much time in Texas, I love the places I have visited briefly while driving through the state. This week’s posts will be about haunted locations and urban legends in Texas. I have picked some pretty interesting topics that I think y’all will enjoy.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Texas