Manifesting My Dreams And Minding My Business

The cover image isn’t my artwork (I wish I knew who drew it so I could give them credit) but it captured what I have been feeling for the past few weeks. I was talking to my mom last night about how life rarely goes as we plan and for once it wasn’t because the military decided to make changes for us again. When we were starting our move out here, I had planned to just do as have been doing- being a blogger and a housewife but now that we are out here and I’m seeing all the options available to us, I don’t want just that.  Continue reading Manifesting My Dreams And Minding My Business

New Year = New Goal

I know. I know. It’s time for that New Year New Me bullshit. (Oh yeah. I curse. Get over.) It is time to make your New Year’s Resolutions. We all know that we can make goals or resolutions at any point but most of us will be making new resolutions this weekend. Will we keep them through the year or will we forget we made them in two weeks?  Continue reading New Year = New Goal

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

As I have mentioned before I have had weight loss surgery. I had it in May, 2021. Between my Hashimoto’s, PCOS, and hidradenitis suppurativa, I can’t lose weight. I have tried for decades. I have tried all the diets, removing sugar from my diet, working out 3-4 times a week, hiring a nutritionist, and I don’t even know what else. Nothing would work long term. I would lose 10-20 pounds but then put it back on.  Continue reading Life After Weight Loss Surgery

A Splashing Good Weekend

This weekend was busy but also a lot of fun. We got to hang out with friends, explore new areas, and start celebrating the holiday season. Plus Bagheera came home! He was discharged Friday night. He has been doing well. He is acting like he did before he got sick. Katniss has calmed down since her brother came home and life returned to normal.  Continue reading A Splashing Good Weekend

Becoming A Butterfly

I have sat down so many times to start this post, and I either have too many thoughts in my head to write coherently, or something pulls me away from my computer. I feel like I am being pulled in so many directions at once, just trying to get everything done. I’m trying to get things done, but lately, it seems like no matter what I get done, my to-do list is getting longer and longer. Continue reading Becoming A Butterfly