Duty Can Be Hell Here

This week on the blog we are talking about some spooky locations in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a gorgeous place that I would love to go visit some day. The sites are so colorful, the people seem so nice and caring, and the food is amazing. One day, I will go there. While researching Puerto Rico, one place kept popping up over and over again on places that are throughly creepy. So let me introduce you to Castillo San Felipe del Murro which is often just called El Murro.  Continue reading Duty Can Be Hell Here

Podcast: Haunted Savannah

This is the transcript and sources for the podcast that just dropped this morning on Paranormal Housewife Podcast. You can listen to it on any streaming service you listen to your podcasts on. Please subscribe to my show to be alerted to when new episodes drop. Please let me know in comments what you thought about today’s episode! Continue reading Podcast: Haunted Savannah

Sometimes I Hear You Walk Across The Floor

The title of today’s post comes from lyric in a song written by Loretta Lynn. While she may have written the song about her friend, Patsy Cline, Loretta may have also been inspired by her own haunted house. The famous country singer has a large home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee that is filled with more than just her family and everyone that visits there seems to encounter at least one of the spirits that now share her home.  Continue reading Sometimes I Hear You Walk Across The Floor

The Hauntings Here May Be A Family Affair

This location in Nashua, New Hampshire was an interesting topic to research. It was also a hard topic to research because so much of what I was reading I couldn’t tell what was urban legend and what was history. No matter what seems to be the truth versus local legend, the activity at Gilson Road Cemetery is definitely interesting and seems fairly active.  Continue reading The Hauntings Here May Be A Family Affair