Kelly Butler
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San Diego, CA 92193

Greetings! Some of y’all may know me from my other blog, I Do & Adieu, where I documented my experiences living in Japan. After talking to many readers, meeting new people, and blogging for three years the one thing that most people asked about is the paranormal part of my life. Either people were asking to hear some of my experience, questions about how to ghost hunt, wondering what it was like to live with spirits, etc. I decided that I should embrace my odd life and share my experiences and knowledge with others.  

I’m not an expert. I never claim to be. But I have been doing this and living with spirits for many years. What I share in this blog are the techniques that have worked for me over the years. Hopefully you’ll find what I have to share helpful or at the very least entertaining.

This blog won’t just be about paranormal stuff. As a housewife, my life does include more than just talking with spirits. I will be sharing tidbits about my life, recipes of different foods I make, DIYs I do, and whatever may pop up in my life. I’m just your regular all-American housewife with a twist.

So buckle up and enjoy the show… err I mean blog. If you have questions, comments, stories or whatever, please send me a message through my Contact Page.

Take care and happy hauntings.