What Does 2019 Hold For You?

We are almost through the first week of the New Year! How are y’all surviving it so far? Struggling with your resolutions yet? If you read the Patreon post yesterday, you learned how to have the universe help you with your goals. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend heading over there and checking it out. Yes, you do need a subscription to read it but subscriptions start at just $2 a month.

I don’t know how many of you are like me but one of the first things I do when I wake and start checking my phone is to check my horoscope. Personally, I love Astrology Zone by Susan Millar. It seems fairly accurate for the most part and dead on accurate on big things.

But sometimes I wish I could be able to see further in future than just what might happen today or tomorrow. This yearning helped motivate me to start learning tarot. I have become fairly good at it and have pretty successful for reading for others. On Tuesdays, I offer tarot readings for $5 for people. It does take a bit of energy and time which is why I charge but I keep the price really low because I am still learning. I feel that the price is fair for my skill level. If you are interested in scheduling a reading, please email me.

If tarot doesn’t interest you, there are other ways to try and read your future. One popular way is reading tea leaves. To do this take a pinch of tea leaves of your choice and put them in a teacup. Then pour hot water over the tea leaves. Once the tea has seeped enough, drink the tea but leave the tea leaves and a small bit of the liquid in the cup. While holding the teacup handle with your left hand, swirl the teacup in a circle going left to right three times. Then very carefully and slowly, place the teacup upside down on the saucer to allow the remaining tea to drain from the cup. To read the tea leaves, you need to understand how the teacup is set up. The cup is divided into three main sections. The closer the to the bottom of the cup the tea leaves are, the sooner that particular thing may happen. The closer to the rim, the further in the future things may happen. The cup is also set up like a compass with the handle designated as being south. The handle also represents how close to the reader the event may happen. Below is a list of common interpretations of tea leaves.

Tea Leaf Reading

If tarot and reading tea leaves aren’t your cup of tea, there are other things you can try doing to figure out your future. One method that even Nostrodamus used is called water scrying. Fill a large bowl or pot with water. While focusing on the images in the water, occasionally tap the side of the bowl or pot. Not too hard. Just hard enough to cause ripples in the water. New images should appear in the ripples that will let you know what’s coming in your future. I know a few people who do this type of scrying but they do it outside when the moon is full. I recommend trying on January 20th with Supermoon, Blood Moon, total eclipse is going on. You may get some interesting results.

Another type of scrying is using a mirror. This is similar to water scrying but there are different methods to mirror scrying. The first is leaving a mirror in a bathroom and letting the bathroom fill with steam. As the steam dissipates from the mirror, you may be able to see words or images appear on the glass surface. Another way to use the mirror for scrying is to take a mirror into a completely dark room. Very carefully use a candle to light your face up from the bottom (or if you’re a klutz like me, use a flashlight so you don’t burn yourself or your house down) and then stare into the mirror.

If you want to ask simple yes or no questions but lack a magic eightball, you can use a pendulum to ask your questions. If you don’t have a pendulum, you can use a ring on chain or string or a pendant that you wear often instead. Hold the pendulum over a solid surface as steady as you can. Ask the pendulum to show you what yes is and what no is. Be sure to straighten out the chain between each question to center the pendulum. You should have a clear answer to which is yes and which is no. When you are ready, clearly ask your question and wait for the pendulum to react. This method doesn’t work for all people. I have friends that never get a response and people like my husband who get very clear responses.

I hope that no matter what 2019 has in store for you, that you have a wonderful new year. If you try out any of these methods, please let me know what your results were and if they came true.

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