The Attack Hasn’t Ended For Some Of These Spirits

I will be completely honest with you. I don’t know much about Pearl Harbor, why it happened, what exactly happened, etc.. My history classes really didn’t teach us much about either of the World Wars. What I do know I have picked up from history programming, museums, what my parents and grandparents have taught me, and living in Japan. The base we lived on in Iwakuni was where the Pearl Harbor attack was planned and one of the reason the United States acquired that base after the war ended. I have been up to the room (known on base as The Crow’s Nest) where the attack was actually planned. I wanted to do an investigation up there but the base wouldn’t allow it. One of the many ships that was involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor was the USS Arizona and even though it is now underwater, it is very haunted.

Pearl Harbor is a naval base located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor hoping that it would destroy the United States Pacific Fleet and cause the Americans to pull out of the war. The attack happened on Sunday December 7th, 1941 just before 8am. The attack happened when hundreds of Japanese fighter planes descended onto the base. Many boats, planes, and other military equipment were destroyed in the attack. Many people were killed or injured that day. The ship that took the most damage was the USS Arizona. It was hit by several bombs which penetrated the forecastle and detonated the forward ammunition magazines. That explosion caused the ship to sink in just 9 minutes. At the time of the attack, there were 1,177 sailors on board of which 1,102 were killed. In the 1950s, the area was turned into a memorial for those lost in the attack. In 1962, the memorial was built. The topside structures were removed and the hull was left under water. 

Both workers and visitors to the memorial have documented many paranormal happenings taking place in the memorial and the space around where the USS Arizona rests. Many times, workers at the memorial will say “That’s just Charley” when a visitor says they experienced something. While he is the most well known spirit, I couldn’t find out any information about who he was or what exactly he is suppose to do as a spirit. The name is seems to cover any and all of the activity that happens in the area. And boy, is there a lot of activity here. Water faucets have a tendency of turning themselves on. Radio stations while adjust themselves. Alarm bells can be heard even though none have been turned on. Screams and other voices can be heard throughout the area. Heavy doors will open by themselves. People report heavy feelings of sadness while in the memorial but feel light again when they exit it. People have reported smelling burning. People can be seen running across the watery decks of the ship. Visitors and workers have described hearing knocking on metal coming from the hull, like someone hitting the hull with a wrench. An officer who was killed in the attack has been seen standing by the flagpole area of the ship. He has also been seen on the memorial looking down onto the ship. Men have been seen in the water. Many people report hearing what sounds like the battle going on. People in World War II naval uniforms have been seen walking the halls of the memorial. Footsteps have been reported. There have also been reports of objects being thrown in the memorial. Some people have talked about how a dark mist will appear over the water that will take on the shape of a Japanese Zero plane. 

I do plan to go to Hawaii to visit this base and this memorial. I also want to go to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific to visit Al’s grave there. I don’t know if I will do any investigations while I am down there but I won’t be surprised if I experience anything while visiting these locations. I have heard many stories about the base and the area around it. 

If you have been to Pearl Harbor? I would love to hear about your experiences there even if they aren’t paranormal. Let me know in the comments below.

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