Podcast: The Greyhound Bus Museum

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Hi! Hello! And welcome back to Paranormal Housewife Podcast! Welcome if you’re new here. My name is Kelly and I am the Paranormal Housewife. I hope you are having a good week. Did you catch the lunar eclipse? Jeremy and I tried to watch it but we were unable to see from our house because our townhome is too low in the valley to see it when it first rises. Are you surviving the mercury retrograde? I hope so. We are doing pretty good with this one so far. Jeremy’s birthday is coming up next week on the 31st and it will be his golden birthday. He will be 31 years old! I will drop his social media links in the description of this episode so you can give him a birthday shout out. I know he would love it and I would totally appreciate it. He wants to go to a Brazilian steak house and get cheesecake for his birthday. I’ve already given him his main present from me early. He’s been wanting to play Elden Ring, so I got it for him as an early birthday present. He can watch him play it on his Twitch channel. The link to that channel will also be in the description. 

Before I get to far in the recording of this episode, I want to apologize because there may be some extra noises in the background. Unfortunately we are week two of our road being torn up and repaved. Hopefully the noise isn’t too noticeable or annoying. I’m sorry if it is. 

I know y’all have been requesting updates about the investigation that happened back on April 1st that took place in our townhome. I really wish I could give you an update. I’m just as frustrated as y’all are with the lack of updates. Possibly more so because I know a paranormal team should be doing better towards its clients. I have been emailing Paranormal MIT for the past few weeks trying to get an update. I finally heard back from them. They said that we should have an update on the evidence they gathered by the end of next week. It’s frustrating that it is taking so long. Thankfully we aren’t in the middle of dangerous paranormal activity but the fact that its been seven weeks since the investigation and I have to basically harass the paranormal team to get an update is ridiculous. It’s things like this that make me want to have a paranormal team again or at least get back into training teams again. Jeremy and I have talked about starting a team here and with how it has been awful trying to find a reliable team out here that isn’t just looking for youtube fame, we decided we will put together a team. Our initial hesitation is that we may be moving again in a year and half or two years but we feel that will give us enough time to put together a decent team that can serve San Diego, long after we are gone. And of course, we will help them even after we move. We will be conducting interviews soon for team members. If you are in the San Diego area and want to be a part of our paranormal team, email me at kelly at paranormal housewife dot com. In addition to our investigations, I will be training the team how to conduct investigations in a scientific manner during bi-weekly training sessions. I think it will be fun, informative, and a help to the paranormal community. I will keep y’all updated on how it goes putting together a team. I am also planning on starting a meetup.com group for those interested in the paranormal. It would be a group for people who want to learn about the paranormal, talk about their experiences, or seek help with paranormal issues. I am excited about both of these ventures. 

I have started looking for a second team to come in to conduct another investigation because the activity here is still increasing. The walking on the ceiling is nightly and now happens in the daytime as well. The closet doors upstairs in between my bathroom and the master bedroom has started opening. So has my bathroom door. Yes, Jeremy and I have separate bathrooms upstairs. I get to have a girly bathroom with all of make up out if I want without worrying about it annoying Jeremy or he can have his shaving stuff out without annoying me. But anyways, I make sure to keep my bathroom door shut because the cats will play with my hanging necklaces or if my office plants are in there to be watered, Bagheera will try to eat them. The downstairs hall closet is still opening almost daily. The case to one of our Japanese dolls has been opening as well. That is the same case that was brought up during a spirit box session during the investigation. Thankfully the stove turning on and the garage door opening by itself hasn’t happened in a while. Jeremy and I have started going about putting together our own paranormal team. 

One thing I really love about the paranormal side of my life is that its not just spirits that open up to me. This weekend, my husband and I went to Sally’s beauty supply store so I could buy more hair dye (I am now rocking teal hair by the way). When I gave the guy my email address kelly@paranormalhousewife.com, he asked me if I work with ghosts. I explained that I am paranormal investigator and blogger. He asked if we wanted to hear about an incident that happened to his daughter recently. Of course we said “YES!”.

He explained that his daughter is a nurse over at La Jolla Scripts hospital. She was making her rounds one night and needed to do a blood draw on a patient. She walked in and immediately stopped in her tracks. The gentleman sitting in the bed looked exactly like her grandfather (the cashier’s father). So much so that she broke the rules and took a picture of the patient. She did the blood draw and left. When she told her dad about the patient the next day. She said that the patient was incredibly kind to her and talked very sweetly to her. When she showed her dad the photo patient, he too believed it was his dad in the photo. He said the curve of the mustache and type of watch he was wearing was exactly like his father but he knew it couldn’t be him because his dad passed away a couple of years ago. Later that day, when his daughter went back to work, she popped back into the patient’s room to find out more about him but he wasn’t there. In fact nothing was there. No patient, no bed, no tv, no furniture what so ever. So she tracked down the floor nurse to ask what was going on. The floor nurse told her that room has been empty for months due to renovations going on. The daughter explained that she drew a patient’s blood the previous night. She pulled up the picture to show the floor nurse. Again the floor nurse said that room has been empty for months. Then she pointed out that the hospital band the patient in the picture was wearing was blank. Absolutely no information was printed on the bracelet. 

The cashier thinks it was his dad coming back to apologize to his daughter. When his dad was dying, he wasn’t the nicest person to the cashier’s daughter or other nurses because of how much pain and confusion he was in. The cashier thinks this was his father’s way of having a do over with her so they could part on better terms. Both Jeremy and I agree with him. I love interactions like this and really appreciate him taking the time to share this interesting experience with us. 

And in all actuality, a similar type of interaction helped inspire today’s topic. As y’all know, I have recently started working in the evenings as a trivia host for America’s Pub Quiz Trivia. Last Wednesday, I had wrapped up my trivia show at Wild Barrel in San Marcos and was hanging out with the staff by the bar when I got into an hour long discussion with Korey the manager and the bartenders. Korey was telling me about a town she lived near previously and how she got an EVP while working as a reporter for a local news station. After our long conversation, I couldn’t get the town out of my head and went into a deep dive researching the town. While researching the town, I kept coming across all the reports about paranormal activity at The Greyhound Bus Museum. After spending hours reading about the museum, the history of the company, and the activity that happens there, I knew it would have to be the next topic for this podcast. 

So without further ado, let’s delve into the history of the Greyhound Bus Museum. Located at 1201 Greyhound Boulevard in Hibbing, Minnesota is the Greyhound Bus Museum. This museum almost didn’t happen. A local resident of Hibbing, by the name of Gene Nicolelli, was exploring the abandoned Greyhound bus terminal in the 1960s when he came across a plaque honoring the town as the birthplace of the bus industry. Just a side note, the once abandoned bus terminal is now a night club called First Avenue. Gene took the plaque to the town’s library who almost immediately lost the plaque for over a decade. When the plaque was recovered, Gene  began gathering buses, photos, videos, and other memorabilia to share the history of the company while also spending many years pleading with the town’s governor for funding to open the Greyhound bus museum. It took several years but he finally pulled it off. 

The Greyhound Lines was originally started by Eric Wickman. At the time, Eric was trying to sell the seven passenger vehicle called Hupmobile when he (with the help of Andy Anderson and Arvid Heed) began giving rides to local miners to Alice, Minnesota which was two miles away in 1914. As the demand for their services increased, they added on more routes. Within four years, they had 18 buses running to neighboring townships. The name Greyhound came from Eric seeing the reflection of his bus driving past a store front. The sleek grayness of the bus remind him of the race dogs speeding gracefully down a track. Over the decades, the bus company would grow into the large company we know of today. 

The Greyhound Bus Museum was opened in 1989. Among the memorabilia I mentioned earlier, they also have thirteen buses for visitors to check out. The oldest bus is from 1914 and the most recently produced bus is from 1982. Almost from the very beginning of opening the museum there has been activity going on. It has been investigated by many paranormal teams which have verified the paranormal activity. Items and tools in the museum have a tendency of moving around. Even items in locked display cases will move around in the cases by themselves. Voices and other unexplained noises can be heard. Cold spots and sudden temperature changes have been documented by visiting paranormal teams and reported by guests. Some people become suddenly nauseas and need to leave the museum to feel better. When this happened to one paranormal investigator, she was surprised when she rewound her voice recorder to hear that moments before she felt overwhelmingly sick there was an EVP of a man growling “get out”. That isn’t the only EVP captured there. A common EVP that most groups get is a little girl cheerfully saying “Hi!” to the group but we will circle back to that little girl in a moment. 

The most haunted part of the museum seems to be the buses. Shadow people have been seen getting on and off the bus. Sometimes even in the daytime they are seen. Bus windows open and close of their own accord as do the doors to the bus. The Scenic Cruiser 4501 is the most active bus with the opening and closing of windows and the bus doors. Even the cargo hatch on the newest bus, which requires to be locked in order to shut the hatch, has a tendency of opening on its own, much to the frustrations of the staff. But the spirits that seem to follow the buses don’t mean any harm. According to Glen, the assistant directer, the spirits are also helpful. In a book by Adam Nori, Glen talks about a time when the spirits helped him. At the time of the incident, Glen had been trying to put a new transmission in on of the buses but was growing increasingly frustrated when he could figure it out. So he decided to call it a day and put all of his tools and textbooks that he was using in his tool box and left the toolbox in his makeshift office. He came back the next morning to open up the museum and get started back on the transmission when he happened to look over at a shelf he used for a desk. Laying open on the shelf was a textbook or manual. The book was open to the exact page he needed for replacing the transmission. Thinking it was set out for him by the onsite mechanic, Glen gave him a call to thank him. The mechanic said it wasn’t him and that in fact he, the mechanic, has been in the hospital since the night before due to blood clots. 

Remember the little girl I mentioned earlier? Let’s talk about her for a moment. Not much is known about her. She appears to be about eight to ten years old. She has long, dark hair and wears a light pink colored dress that is dated to the early 1900’s. She has been seen and heard by many people, including local police officers that drive by to check on the museum at night. She seems to be most active around 5am. There are two theories on why she haunts the museum and neither has anything to do with Greyhound buses. Some people think that she may be buried next door Hibbing Park Cemetery. Others theorize that she may be haunting the museum due to the history of the land before the museum was there. In the early 1900’s the land that museum now sits on, use to be a baseball field. In 1918, that baseball field was turned in a quarantine camp during a influenza outbreak. Those that died due to the outbreak were buried in a mass grave in the cemetery. Unfortunately most of those that passed away were children. Could this little girl be one of the children that passed away in the quarantine camp? If she or any of the other spirits in the museum are victims of that epidemic, I can’t help but wonder what they think about our own current epidemic going on. Did they understand why they didn’t have living visitors for a while? 

If you do want to visit the museum there are a few things you should know. The museum is only open from May through September. I’m guessing that is because of the harsh winters in Hibbings but I could be wrong. Also, despite the look of it, there is a lot of security in and around the museum. So don’t be stupid like some “ghost hunting” (and yes I am using air quotes while saying that) and try to sneak into the property to see something when it’s closed. I have their website and emails linked in the description of this episode in case you want to reach out to them to set up a time to investigate. As of recording this episode I have inquired about the cost of investigating there but have not heard back yet. I will let you know when I do. 

So what do you think about the Greyhound Bus Museum? Have you visited the museum? If you did, did you experience anything? If you haven’t visited the museum yet, would you? Would you go for the paranormal activity or for the history being told there? Let me know your answers. I’m curious to hear your responses. You can reach me via email at kelly at paranormal housewife dot com, through my blog Paranormal Housewife dot com, or on social media. On most social media platforms, you can find me under the screen name Paranormal Housewife except on Twitter where I am Paranormal H W. Speaking of my blog, if you don’t know about it, you should really check it out. Just like this podcast, I talk about the history behind haunted locations and urban legends. I also talk about what it’s like living with spirits and how to ethically ghost hunt. This week on the blog we are talking about haunted locations in Michigan and next week we will be talking about haunted locations in Louisiana. There are tons of post there to keep you interested and entertained while you wait for the next Paranormal Housewife Podcast episode to come out. 

I do provide a transcript of this episode on my blog. Just look for the post with the title of this episode. Also listed with the transcript is a list of some of the resources I used while researching this episode. 

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Well, I believe that concludes our episode today. I will see y’all back here in two weeks with another fun and spooky episode of Paranormal Housewife Podcast. 


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