Why Religion Isn’t Always The Answer To A Haunting

If you watch any kind of paranormal movie or if you tell someone that you are dealing with a spirit, the first thing people do is grab a crucifix and start slinging holy water around. This rarely solves the issue. Growing up in the bible belt allowed me to witness this often and if anything I have noticed that it causes the spirit to get upset. There area few reasons why they get upset and “act out” more aggressively after that happens. Growing up in the bible belt allowed me to witness this often and pushed me to figure out why these methods don’t work.

I have responded to people asking for help after they tried a few “home remedies”. Most often they say that they have already had a preacher out to bless the home, or they have poured salt with holy water in the corners, or they started to loudly read bible verses while walking through the house but the activity would only increase after they did those things. They don’t understand why everything doesn’t magically go away when they invoke Jesus’ name.

First reason and the most often cause of increased activity after bringing out the holy water and crucifixes in the spirit either aren’t religious or isn’t Catholic. Believe or not but spirits keep the same religious beliefs as they did when they were alive. Can you imagine how a Jewish person or a Muslim or an Athiest living person would react if you ran up to them yelling “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave” while splashing them with holy water? Depending on the person, you would probably end up with a black eye and a few angry words in response. The same will happen with a spirit but they usually have to show their frustrations in different ways.

Another reason this doesn’t work is if the spirits are trying to live harmoniously with humans, they probably still think of the home or business as still theirs but with new roommates. They are trying to be accommodating and nonscary but the humans living or working there just don’t want the spirits there. When the humans bust out the crucifixes and holy water, the spirits are offended that they are being pushed from the places they love. So the spirits fight back to hold on to remain where they have so many happy memories and feelings from their old life.

When moving into a new place, while it may be tempting to have it blessed by a priest or a rabbi, it may inadvertently cause you to anger your new roommate. I have found burning sage does more to calm everyone than having the place blessed. When burning the sage, don’t invoke any of the names of a deity. Just let it be a general blessing or cleansing. Feel free to introduce yourself, explain what you are doing and what your intentions are, let them know if you are okay with them expressing themselves but also let them know that you don’t want you or your family/ pets scared by the spirit’s actions, and let the spirit know if you want to know more about them or if you would like to have your space anyway from them.

If you do come upon a spirit, please don’t start screaming “In the name of the Lord I command you to leave” or break out the holy water. Speak to them calmly. Ask them why they are there. Ask them their name. If you don’t want to deal with them, ask them nicely to please leave you alone. Or contact me or another team to come in talk to the spirit. We can act as a mediator if need be so you can live or work peacefully alongside the spirit. If you feel like you really do need to bring religion into the situation, we can help figure out the best method to help soothe you and the spirits you are interacting with.

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