They Still Seek The Ones They Lost

Despite what the previous posts this week may have shown, not all campgrounds are haunted by spirits who were murdered there. There are campgrounds that are haunted by those who worked in the area or died in the campground from less nefarious reasons. Most of the spirits in this post are still looking for those they couldn’t help in time.

Hunting Island State Park

This gorgeous state park is located just a brief 15 miles up the South Carolina coastline from Beaufort. The lighthouse that stands on these shores is about 160 years old. Originally built in 1859, the lighthouse was soon destroyed in the Civil War. It was rebuilt and then almost immediately dismantled to be rebuilt again further inland in 1893. Over the years many lighthouse keepers lived and worked here. Some still consider this home in the afterlife. One of the lighthouse keepers can be seen walking the shore line. He is said to be looking for the little boy that drowned in the waters before the lighthouse keeper could reach him. The ghost of the child seems to haunt the beach as well. A child’s laughter can be heard on an empty beach. Another lighthouse keeper that haunts the lighthouse doesn’t appreciate locked doors. If the door to the light is locked, loud banging on the door can be heard as well the door shaking as if someone was trying to pull it open from the outside. But all noise quickly fades away if anyone tries to approach the door from either side. Park Rangers have reported finding once locked doors and windows standing wide open in the mornings.

Its not just lighthouse keepers that haunt the lighthouse. The daughter of one of the lighthouse keepers killed herself by jumping from the top of the lighthouse in a fit of grief. Visitors and workers have reported hearing her crying and moaning on the serial staircase. Footsteps can be heard on the stairs despite no one moving or being on the stairs. Blue orbs have been seen hovering on the third floor landing.

For more information about camping here, please check out this website.

Crystal Lake Campgrounds

I have a confession. Even though I am a horror film addict, I have never watched any of the Friday the 13th movies. I really probably should since there is a Crystal Lake near where I live. And while the name of this campground may make you think of those movies, the deaths that happened here aren’t the same as in the movies. This campground is located in Azusa, California. During the 1930’s the park was developed. Workers came from all over to help build it and its facilities. The Majors family was one of those that came to work on the park. Stephen Majors moved his family into one of the family tents in 1933. The family’s tent was further away from most of the other workers since they had children and most of the workers were single men. Stephen’s family consisted of him; his wife, Heather; his son, Markus; and his daughter, Susan. Markus was 10 years old at the time and Susan was 12 years old. They helped build the Crystal Lake Amphitheater and dance studio. On the evening of September 19th, 1934, Stephen and Heather had put the kids to bed in the tent before going for a walk in the forest. When they returned to the tent, they saw a large grizzly bear attacking their tent and the kids inside. Both of the parents ran to help their kids but ultimately the entire family was killed by the bear by the time help from the other workers arrived. The strangest part of this attack is that Grizzly bears in that area were killed off over a decade earlier. The family was laid to rest near the dance studio they helped to build. Visitors to the campground report seeing the family walking through the trees together or hearing the parents call out for their kids. Children’s voices in the woods can be heard either laughing or screaming in terror.

For more information about the facilities at Crystal Lake and how to camp there, please check out this website.


2 thoughts on “They Still Seek The Ones They Lost

  1. Just one note about the Crystal Lake story. That one is an urban legend. There were no grizzlies in the San Gabriel Range in the 1930. The last one in this range was captured in 1889. And there were no black bears here at that time either. All of the black bears you see in Southern California today were relocated from Yosemite in 1933. Before that there were none. I looked for this story in some old papers and the attacks are nowhere to be found. I live in this area and I’ve been hearing the same story for many years, but it’s just not true.


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