I Am Good, But Not An Angel

I first fell in love with Marilyn Monroe back in high school. I had seen a body positivity poster that featured her. Ever since then, I have loved her movies and learning about her life. Once, when I was visiting my sister, Magan, in Los Angeles, we took a Dearly Departed tour (we have always had a fascination with death, paranormal, history, and true crime). Part of the tour showed the outside of the orphanage that she lived in for part of her childhood. Another part of the tour showed the exterior of the home she died in back in 1962.

Whether you believe she was murdered or she killed her self on purpose, the fact remains that throughout her short life, Marilyn Monroe was desperately searching and needing love. It seems as though she is still trying to be seen in the afterlife as well. Just like Elvis in my previous post, Marilyn has been known to haunt a variety of locations. Also, like Elvis, she has been seen at the Knickerbocker Hotel. Often female guests using the ladies’ bathroom on the main floor say that while looking into the mirror, they have seen a glimpse of a blonde woman who looks like Marilyn walking behind them, but when they turn to look at her, no one is in the restroom with them. She has also been spotted in the bar area of the hotel.

Over at the Roosevelt Hotel, Marilyn has been spotted by employees cleaning the Cabana Room Suite. The employee said that she was vacuuming in the room when she glanced at a mirror hanging on the wall. The employee was startled to see Marilyn’s face in the mirror. The employee quickly left the room and refused to go back to finish cleaning the room. The hotel then moved the mirror out into the lobby. Guests have claimed to have seen her reflection in the mirror as well.

Marilyn Monroe has been seen walking around the penthouse at Beverly Hilton. Guests staying there have seen a transparent blonde woman walking around the rooms. She has also been seen walking around Westwood Memorial Park near where she was laid to rest shortly after her death. When people try to approach her, she fades from view.

While scrolling through Tiktok, I came across the account belonging to Jasmine Chiswell. She looks, dresses like, and even talks like Marilyn Monroe. And she lives in one of Marilyn Monroe’s home. Jasmine had talked about finding some items that belonged to Marilyn, such as burnt magazines dated to when she lived in the house and her signature on top of a kitchen beam. She has also talked about how haunted the home is. She said that on the anniversary of Marilyn’s death, a treadmill, which can only be turned on with an app, turned itself on. Later that day, they could hear noises coming from the second floor to the point that they decided to stay the night elsewhere. She said that one evening as she and her husband were walking up to the house, they could hear someone talking on what sounded like a walkie talkie. It was a female saying “hello? hello?” followed by some static. They couldn’t figure out what was causing the noise. A room that they have set up as a bedroom has seen the most activity. She claims a bed broke after one night of someone staying in there, people staying in there get horrible headaches, and people have said that they feel as though someone is watching them in the room.

While Marilyn’s spirit isn’t as active or seen in as many places as Elvis’, she is definitely active. Hopefully, she will soon find peace and happiness in the afterlife.

I am still on vacation this week. Today is Mom’s birthday. Please drop some birthday love in the comments below for me to share with her.

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