Are We There Yet?

Well… Greetings from Illinois. Yeah. We are back in Illinois. You are probably just as shock as we were when we found out we had to head back here. To be honest, I am still trying to process my emotions and feelings about this change of events, but I am trying to find the silver lining. 

So how did we end back up in Illinois? If you have read the last few posts or seen my Instagram, you know we have been living in North Carolina with my mom while waiting for word about Jeremy’s extension. After being there for two weeks, he had received an email stating that his package needed to be resubmitted because it was missing a page, but that his command would prefer him to put in a reenlistment package instead of an extension package instead. As much as we didn’t want to do that, he submitted the reenlistment package. We wanted to have this final year to talk about him possibly switching branches, but that choice was taken away from us. We waited another two weeks before finally hearing back from his command. Because of how late in the year the reenlistment package was submitted, Jeremy would have to wait until a reenlistment board could review it. The board will get together sometime between October and December. Until the board makes a decision, Jeremy had to go back to recruiting duty. He came up a little over a week ago with the cats to get settled and I followed up this past weekend with John Paul. 

We aren’t back in Champaign. We are about an hour or so west in Peoria. Previous to this whole fiasco, I had only been to Peoria twice. Once with a friend to see a museum and go to a BBQ & Blues festival. The other time was with Jeremy, Mathew, and Kelsey to go axe throwing and dine at a restaurant that looked like an old church. I’ve only been in Peoria a few days but already I like it better than I liked Champaign. It feels like a Southern town in a lot of ways. People are nicer and a little more open. I have found a few libraries to write at and have John Paul set up in the cutest doggy daycare (its all camping themed). The cats have adjusted nicely. Jeremy seems more relaxed here too. While its not ideal and we rather be in California, I think we can tough it through this bump in the road. 

The biggest issue we have been dealing with is that we are here with only what we had packed into our cars. All of our stuff is in California in a storage facility. That means we are going to have to go through an Illinois fall and possibly winter with very little warm weather stuff. I mean yeah, we can go everything we need but our cars are pretty loaded down as it is and what are we going to do in California with a bunch of winter stuff? Thankfully, we over packed on the animals’ stuff so they have their things to make them feel more at home during all these transitions. Unfortunately, though, we did lose the house we were approved for. That hit me hard because it was everything we wanted, the location we wanted, and with the layout we wanted. We won’t know what’s available for us until Jeremy is able to finally check out of this command. 

As I mentioned earlier, I am making plans to keep me busy here. In two weeks, Jeremy and I are going down to hear Troy Taylor talk about the St. Louis Exorcism. You can read about that case here. Troy Taylor is an author that I really respect that lives in Decatur, IL. He writes about various hauntings that happen in the Midwest. I’m excited for the talk because it is a presentation, a dinner, and book signing. If I learn any new information about the case he is talking about, I will be sure to let yall know. 

Another event I am planning on going to is the Haunted Horror Film & Paranormal Investigation Festival in Nauvoo, IL in October. It is a three-day festival where I can watch horror movies and go on paranormal investigations! I am so excited. This event, though, I will probably go to by myself. Jeremy won’t be able to take three days off to go to it with me. I’m also excited to be going because it’s in Nauvoo and I have been wanting to go there to see Temple there for the Church of Latter-Day Saints. While I’m not Mormon, I find their history interesting. I think it will be fun to check out those sites around town and learn more about their history while I’m in town. 

Even with all this craziness going on, I am trying to get back into my rhythm of writing, vlogging, and investigating haunted locations. There are several places here in Peoria I want to check out, so don’t be surprised if you see more posts about local places. It’s kind of crazy, but Jeremy was teasing me about keeping a lot of my work stuff with me in the car instead of sending it on to California. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him because otherwise I would have been extremely bored and you wouldn’t have posts as often. Thankfully, I have my work to keep me busy and a way to connect with y’all. With all that being said, what places should I check out? What paranormal events do you want to hear about? Let me know in the comments below. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. 

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